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   Chapter 17 Graduation; Cameron vs Kyle

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Kyle's POV:

To think I'd be friends with someone like her. Over my dead body. She's scary but way too easy to crack. Derek decided to make things interesting by cracking her one more time. That she-hulk won't know what hit her.

Riley's POV:

After last night, I don't know what happened. All I could remember was Cameron's kiss. He's still a great kisser probably even better than the last time. I don't know what to do. Then there's Kyle who thinks its fun to play with my emotions.

I can feel it in my bones. He didn't mean his sincerity. He doesn't want forgiveness. What he wants is to meet the Reaper. A slight ring hails from my phone revealing a message from Jamie.

J: Hey Riley, what's going on?

R: Hey, nothing. I need help with something.

J: What do you need help with?

R: Well, I'm kind of stuck in a triangle.

J: Aren't you and Kyle kind of building something? And who's the other guy?

R: An old ex. It's a long story.

J: Wait a second, you had a boyfriend?! And you didn't tell me?! What kind of a friend are you?!

R: It was before I met you guys and I was with Rodney at the time.

J: So, what does this guy look like? Is he cute? Is he a jock like Kyle?

R: He's taller than Kyle, brown hair, gray eyes, very-defined jaws, and twice the size of Kyle muscle wise. He isn't a jock like Kyle and definitely not as horrible as Kyle. He's a fighter like me. He's a very nice guy.

J: He sounds like a dream. On the other hand, I need to tell you something about Kyle.

R: What is it?

J: I found out from Carmen that she overheard Kyle and Derek making another bet involving you. She said its worth fifty dollars. Kyle has to get you alone so he could make out with you.

R: I knew it. Thanks for telling me.

J: You're welcome. Can't wait to see you at Graduation.

R: You too. See you later.

After texting Jamie, I knew that my bad feeling was right. This made me upset but not as upset as I was last night finding out that my whole life was a lie. Thanks so much, mom. The only thing real about it was my relationship with Cameron and my scars.

Kyle is going to pay for this. Suddenly, mom came in my room. Why is she here? I wish dad was here. He never hid anything from me. He was always honest with me.

"Hey, are you okay?"

"Does it look like I'm okay?"

"What happened?"

"First my mother lies to me and plans out my whole life in that warehouse. People at school think its fun toying with a girl's emotions. My dad not being able to attend the biggest event of my life!"

"I'm so sorry." She sighed, trying to hug me.

I sighed, annoyed. "Mom, its over. It's in the past now."

She sighed, "Cameron is downstairs."

She left and I went downstairs. I saw Cameron standing by the door lending against the wall.



"Can we talk about last night?"

"Sure. Follow me."

So I went to my room and he followed me inside. I closed the door and he sat on the chair by the closet. I sat on the chair in front of the computer.

"Sorry, for interrupting you."

"It's okay but why did you interrupt me?"

"Because I was tired of listening to you put yourself down; call yourself a monster when you're not. You're more than that. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever met."

I looked away from him, "Thanks."

"You're welcome."

"So, about last night. Were you being honest about everything you said?"

"Of course, I was."


"For what?"

"Being there for me at that moment."

"Anytime you need me just call. About the kiss, did you enjoy it?"

"Honestly, it took me off guard but things never change. You're still a great kisser."

"I was hoping you'd say that."


"Because I'm about to do it again."

Then he kissed me. It feels like old memories of us together are coming back. I missed him. This is the real Cameron I knew back at the warehouse. He's back.

Cameron stopped and looked at me.

"Before you leave, can I ask you something?"

"Sure. What is it?"

"Can you give me another chance?"

"I don't

s and veins all over his arms. Kyle has no chance against Cameron. "Babe, hold these for me."

"By the way, if she didn't find out the first time, she would've been great in the bed with me."

That made Cameron mad.

"He made a bet to get you in the bed with him?!"

"Yeah, but he paid for it, " I said, hopefully making Cam feel better. Sadly, that failed.

Cameron's scowl grew in a menacing smirk; without wasting any time, Kyle's neck was in Cameron's hand. Cameron's hand wrapped around his entire neck.

Kyle looked as if he saw a ghost and so did Derek, but reinforcements arrived just in time.

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't break you in half, " Cameron's voice was deep, cold and dark. The reinforcements lunged to attack saving Kyle for a short time. Without any difficulty, the entire football team was on the floor, groaning in pain. Cameron slightly smiled satisfied with the carnage he created.

He turned his attention back to Kyle who was trying to escape. Cameron had him by his neck again, this time against the brick wall of the school.

"Apologize, now, " he began to say, tightening his grip and waiting.

"I- I'm-I'm sorry. P-please d-don't kill me, " Kyle stuttered, fearing for his life.

"Mess with her again, I'll do more than put your little friends in excruciating pain. I'll make you my little female dog. After that, I'll ruin your petty little school reputation and then make that pretty face, uglier than the Grinch himself, " Cameron threatened, making Kyle stare wide-eyed and silent.

Cameron let him go, watching him catch his breath and coming back to me. He hugged me tightly, using his finger to tilt my head up, making my eyes meet his gray ones.

"I should've said this a long time ago. I should've never left you behind. Riley, I-, " he was interrupted by my dad waving his hand, signal the time to wrap things up.

"Just kiss her, and let's go. We have a flight to get to, " Dad said, rushing him. Cameron waved him off, never taking his eyes off me. His lips met mine, passionately.

He pulled back, breathlessly, "I love you."

With that, Kyle left and Dad, Cameron and I left. Goodbye California. Hello Australia.


Hi guys! Hope you all enjoyed reading this. Thanks so much for supporting the way you did. It's amazing how people commented and say that my book makes them laugh and smile. That's the reason why I write on Wattpad. I encourage everyone to write. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Write what you feel and write from your heart. Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy the last and final chapter of Street Fighter.





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