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   Chapter 14 Back at FBI HQ

The Street Fighter By Moneé J. Characters: 6012

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Riley's POV:

"Come with me."

"Why should I? I'm not going anywhere, " I protested. "Where were you all this time?!"

She sighed, "Come with me and I'll explain everything at HQ."

Ugh, back to the headquarters.

"Where have you been, Silvia?" dad asked.

"I'll explain once we get back to HQ."

"I can't leave the house. I'm on house arrest."

"Okay. Then let's go inside."

We all went inside and sat in the living room. Dad and I waited for mom to explain everything. She was kidnapped on the same night as I was. We went our separate ways and I never saw her again...until now.

"To start things off, after I was kidnapped, I sent to a boot camp for FBI agents. Knowing how corrupt the FBI agency is, they wanted to create an assassin's organization. I was at the top in everything they gave me to do. My story is somewhat the same as yours, Riley, but I wasn't treated as badly as you. They treated me with respect because they knew that I was the wife of a professional boxer. Not only that, I became feared by the rest of the men and women there. Two years later, I got hired with the FBI and I've been with them ever since."

"Why didn't you come home?"

"I was afraid you and Matt would be upset and say that I'm not a good mother. The thing is, I've spent years trying to find you, Riley."

I can't believe what I'm seeing right now. My mom is back. I haven't seen her in years! Why did she suddenly show up now? It's probably because of the trial.

"So, why show up all of a sudden?"

"Because I was looking for you, Riley. I want to know what happened to you when you got kidnapped the same night I did."

"I lived in a warehouse under your former co-worker. He made me a monster. Forced me to do his di

ou. You and Riley are the most important in my life. I don't care about the pain I went through not seeing you for so long. I'm happy that you're home now and that's all that matters."

"Thanks. You kind of made my day."

"I'm glad I did."

After our conversation, we went back to the living room and sat next to Riley. I can't believe she's back. We're full family again. I have never been this happy in a long time. I remember being this happy when I married Sylvia. It was the best decision I've ever made and then I got Riley. She's my pride and joy. No one is going to take my girls away from me. Not while I'm alive.


Hi guys, here's another chapter. You get to learn about Riley's mom. Now that Riley's family is back together. Things are going to get ugly in the next chapter. I hope you guys have enjoyed this book because it will be ending soon. I only have two chapters left to write for this book. Thanks for coming on the Street Fighter journey with me. Should I do a Q&A for this book? If you want me to, vote. If you don't, comment below. Thanks for the support.




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