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   Chapter 12 Jail Time Part 2

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"Thanks for the support. Now, where's my daughter?"


Matt's POV:

"She's in the jail cell. Why?" Castro revealed.

"Because I came to get her."

"You don't need to do that." He waved his hands frantically, laughing nervously.

I raised my eyebrow in question, "Why? So you could put her in jail for defending herself against your brother? That's a little bias, don't you think?"

Castro looked at me completely shocked. I figured his whole plan out and I'm about to prove how corrupt he is. Good thing I have the best defense lawyer in town. He pulled me to the side so no one could hear us.

"How do you know about that?!" He whisper-yelled.

I chuckled, "You made it way too easy for me to figure you out."

"Well, your daughter isn't going anywhere. Because she killed my brother and I'm going to make sure she gets jail time."

"See you in court, " I fired back.

"No, you won't because the judge is coming here, " he stated, feeling victorious.

"Even better." A smirk landed my face.

Great, he's right where I want him.

Castro went to Riley's cell so I followed him and Chris came with me. There, we waited for the judge to arrive. Within twenty minutes, he arrived and the trial began. Don't worry baby girl. I'll get you out.

"Let's get this show on the road. I have other cases to attend to, " the judge announced his presence, walking in.

The trail started and we acknowledged the judge. We swore on the bible to tell truth; there was a smirk gracing Castro's face. I had the urge to wipe that smirk off his face, clean.

"Castro tell me your side of the story, please."

"I was looking for someone that had a connection to my brother, Rodney. I found her and her name is Riley. I went to her house to question her. I wanted to put Rodney in jail but by the time I went to a warehouse that he kept her in, he was dead and so were his guards. Here is all the evidence, your honor, " he explained, showing the judge all the evidence from the war

e deserves to be in jail for killing the agents but she did it to protect her family."

"As of today, the jury pleads Riley, not guilty. Probation and house arrest for ninety days."

"Thank you, your honor."

"Case closed."

After the trail, Castro was mad. We won and Riley got no jail time. Instead, she's on house arrest and probation for ninety days. Yes! I got my princess out of jail! In your face, Castro!

"You may have won this case, Matt. But you'll never get rid of me that easily. She'll be in jail soon!"

I waited until the judge left; clocking Castro with a right hook to his jaw. "Shut up." I watched his body fall to the ground.

Riley's POV:

After my trial, the alarm was latched to my foot; dad and I left the headquarters. Looks like I'm not going to school for a while. I'm about to live the good life for three months. No more, arsehat jocks, cheerleaders and questionable friends.


Hi guys, here's another update. Since you guys loved the last chapter. Here's part 2 I won't keep you waiting any longer. Hope you guys enjoy this part just like the last one. Thank you for 1k followers! This means so much to me. I've worked hard on this book and I'm currently trying to create a new book better than this one. Enjoy!




See you next time!??????????

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