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   Chapter 10 The FBI

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Unknown POV:

"Agent Carson did you find her?"

"Yes, sir. She goes to a school named Morris High School."

"Anything else?"

"Her father is Matt "The Hunter" West, sir. So, what should we do?"

"We're going to find Riley West and question her. She may know who Rodney is."

"Okay, let's move out, guys."

We went to our cars and drove off.


~The West House~

We arrived at the house and it is huge. I rang the doorbell and a man in his mid-forties answered the door.

"Good morning, gentlemen."

"Good morning. Are you Matt West?"

"I am. What brings you to my house this early in the morning?"

"Well, we're the FBI and we're looking for a girl named Riley West."

"My daughter?"

"I believe so."

Then agent Cruz began to have a complete fan moment.

"Sir, I'm a huge fan."

"Thanks for the support."

"Anyway, have you seen her?"

"She's at school. So you're going to have to wait until she comes back."

"We can wait."


Six hours later.......

Riley's POV:

I arrived at home after school to find a black Escalade in front of my house. What is going on? Did dad get arrested or something? I went inside and saw four guys in black suits with my dad in the living room. I put my bag down and went to the kitchen. I grabbed an apple and went to the living room.

"Hey princess, how was school?"

"Good. How was your day?"

"Good. I did some business at the gym and went for a five mile run today."

"That's great, dad."

"You must be Riley West. Hi, I'm agent Carson of the FBI."

"Nice to meet you. May I ask what are you guys doing here?"

"We were looking for you. We believe that you have a connection with a man named Rodney."

"How do you know that?"

"We found you in the system."

I'm so confused. Why do they want to know about Rodney?. He's dead. He's out of the picture. I bet they're looking for him because he's the most wanted guy in the country.

"In order to find Rodney, we need you to help us by giving us information you know about Rodney so we can catch him and put him in jail."

"Jail isn't a place for someone like Rodney."

"How did you and Rodney meet?"

"I'm sorry, sir but that's personal information I don't feel comfortable in sharing."

"Do you want to get arrested?"

"For what? I have the right not to tell any of my personal information. Good luck in finding him. Good bye agent Carson."

The FBI agents left and I went up to my room and closed the door. I can't tell them about my

y head. She pushed to my breaking point. I became the person I feared ever since I started fighting. I became ruthless, merciless and gave no remorse. Rodney taught me to kill with no hesitation. I won the fight and turned my attention to Rodney. He hurt my family once more and it angered me. I knew he wanted to kill me so he had all his guards point their guns at me. He told them not to listen to me when I threatened them. He thought that I was bluffing. Rodney told them to kill me. Instead, I killed the guards."

"You? Kill all of his guards? I heard that he had over fifty guards."

"Yes, every single one."

She saw Rodney's body and looked at me shocked.

"So this is what you meant by no jail can't hold Rodney."


"Why would you kill him?! The FBI has been looking for him for over ten years! And now he's dead. How are we suppose to question to him? Does he even have a family?"

"No. He killed them all."

"He killed his own family?"

"Yes. I'm sorry, agent Castro."

"You're under arrest for murder."


What just happened?

Agent Castro put the handcuffs on me and took me to her car. This is an outrage! I only killed him because he hurt my family! I did it to protect my family! Why am I getting arrested?!


Hey guys! Thanks for the support on the last chapter. I know you guys have been waiting on an update for an entire week so I won't keep you waiting any longer. Hope you enjoy this part. Thanks for making this book one of the top 40 trending book on Wattpad right now. You guys are awesome! Thank you!




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