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   Chapter 8 Furious

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Riley's POV:

Friday night was the worst night of my life until I saw my dad sleeping in his bed. I have missed him so much. I haven't seen him in two weeks. Seeing him made my night. After the whole reveal and almost getting humiliated, I left the party with so much rage. If I see him again, he's dead.

I got out of my bed getting ready for school. After getting ready, dad came to my room. I ran to him, tackling him with a tight hug.

"Hey, princess." His voice was groggy and strained since I was hugging him.

A big smile graced my face, "Hi, Dad. You're home. I'm so happy that you're home."

"I can tell. Has anything happened while I was gone?"

"Well, I went to my first non-exclusive party but it didn't end well, " I revealed.

"Really? What happened?" He asked. Slightly shocked.

"Yeah. Let's just say the party was terrible."

"Alright. Come on, let's go eat."

We went downstairs straight to the kitchen and he made breakfast. After he made breakfast, we sat at the table and ate breakfast. These pancakes are amazing. I'm so happy dad is home now. After eating breakfast, I went upstairs and grabbed my bag. Then I went back downstairs and hugged my dad saying good bye.


Arriving at school, I saw Kyle and Derek with smirks plastered all over their faces.Everyone pointed in my direction and laughed.This is a regular day as Riley the nerd. This is what it's like being the center of a joke. Derek walked over, confidently.

"Hey, nerd. Still think you're important?"

I ignored his comment, punching him in the face. With that, I walked away and I saw Carmen and Jamie laughing at him. He was wincing in pain and I went to the entrance door. As I got there, I saw Kyle and Tiffany coming in my direction but Tiffany stopped to talk to her friends. Kyle approached me.

"Hey, mind having a little chat with me, nerdface?" There was a sly smile plastered

, remember me?

I didn't reply to the text message.

Instead, I went to the cafeteria and bought lunch. I saw Carmen and Jamie, but avoided them; sitting on the other side of the cafeteria. I need to be alone right now.

~After School~

Opening my locker, I grabbed my things getting ready to leave. Then I placed my books there and I looked at my phone at the text message. Damn it! How the hell did he find me? Is he watching me? Carmen and Jamie were coming in my direction. I rushed out to my car right away.


Unknown POV:

"Eddie, do you have a visual?"

"Yes, sir. She just left the school."

"Good. We take action, tomorrow."

Riley, I'm coming for you and you can't escape me again. This time, you won't have a choice but to come back to me. I will be the most powerful man in town once again. I'll make sure you don't escape ever again!


Hey guys, thanks for the support on this book. It's means a lot. Right now the book is still trending thanks to you guys. I wouldn't have come this far if it weren't for you guys. So thank you. Here's chapter 8. Hope you guys enjoyed the book so far. Hope you guys enjoy this part.




See you next time! ??????????

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