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   Chapter 7 Reveal Party part 2

The Street Fighter By Moneé J. Characters: 6985

Updated: 2018-06-04 19:08

Picture of Kyle above:

Recap: Wait, I recognize that voice anywhere. There's only one reason with that voice. It can't be.....


Kyle's POV:

After two weeks of planning and giving Riley sentimental gifts, I finally have her where I want her. She has no idea that this whole thing was a joke. She has no idea what will hit her. I think she won't even be able to come back to school once I'm done with her. I mean, who wants a nerd as a girlfriend? Yet, she looks way better than half the girls in the school right now. Showtime.

Approaching her from behind, I wrapped my arms around her.

"Hi, beautiful." I whispered in her ear.

She immediately froze in shock. She's probably deep in thought right now.

Riley's POV:

No, it can't be! Not him! Not Kyle! This whole time I thought..... It was all a lie.

Turning to face him, his lips met mine. Why did I have to go through with this? My instincts were right all along. Should I confront him?

"I have something to tell you."

"What is it?" I played along, hoping he wouldn't realize that I figured his game out.

"Your secret admirer is fake. It's me, Kyle. This was all a joke to get you in this room. You really thought that you were actually important? Guess what? You're not."

Instantly my rage began to take over.

"Now, you can go run home and cry to your mommy." He continued, fueling my anger even more.

Now that hit a nerve.

Instead of running, I shot a few death glares at him, landing a punch on his nose. Hearing the satisfying sound of the bone crack, his blood began running down his nose.


"So, how was it? Who was it?"

"Let's go home. This party wasn't worth my time."


So, Carmen, Jamie and I left the party, heading to Jamie's house. Approaching the house, a man came from behind, trying to attack us. With ease, I knocked him out cold and both girls looked at me completely surprised.

"I had no idea that you can fight, Riley."

"I took defense classes when I was little."

Not really.


and went inside while Ronnie parked the limo in the garage. As I got inside, I carried my suitcases straight up to my room. Bed, I missed you so much. I'm going to change into my night clothes and then I'm going to lay on you and sleep like a baby in a crib. I thought to myself.

Riley's POV:

"Guys, I think I'm going to go home now. It's getting late."

"Are you going to be okay?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine. See you tomorrow."


I left Jamie's house.



I arrived at home and parked my car in the garage. I grabbed my purse and took the key out of the ignition. Then I got out and went inside. As I got inside, I went upstairs to my room and suddenly I heard someone snoring. I know that snore. Is dad home? I'll check his room. I checked his room and there he was sleeping in his bed. It really is dad! He's home! He's finally home!

I went back to my room switched into my night clothes. I laid on my bed, drifting to dreamland.


Hi guys! I know you have been waiting an entire week for me update this story. Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for. Chapter 7, the second part of the reveal of the secret admirer and Riley's reaction! Hope you guys enjoy this part. Stay tuned for the next part coming soon. Enjoy!!!




See you next time! ??????????

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