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   Chapter 3 Let the games begin

The Street Fighter By Moneé J. Characters: 6707

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Picture of Riley above^^^

Three days later.......

Kyle's POV:

Roses, Chocolates, and text with sweet empty compliments. My plan is working perfectly. What girl does love chocolate? Anyway, she is still clueless about everything and I only have a few more days left. The party is next Friday and I need to get this thing done. Right now, all I need to do is romantic gestures. Then give her a good gift. Maybe a trip to the spa will work. That always works. A girl can never resist a day at the spa.

In those three days, I've done a lot. I've gotten to the point where I make her smile everyday whenever she gets a text from me. I must admit, she has a beautiful smile. Now, on to step 2 of Operation "Love". I have to spice things up a bit since I only have less than a week left to do this. That means I have to reveal myself to her and really put on a show but not in front of Tiffany though. It's time for the flirting game and asking her out. It's not like I'll really go out with her in the future. This is only a one-time thing so I have to do it perfectly.

Riley's POV:

Three days later and I still haven't found out who this secret admirer is. I tracked the phone number but it was blocked. I tried to figure out the writing which had me thinking about one guy that writes exactly like what's in the note. I only got one clue. His name starts with a K. I know one person with that letter in their name. I don't want to ruin it so I'll just play along. I got out of bed and got ready for school. After getting ready, I went downstairs and made myself some breakfast. I ate breakfast and went back upstairs to my room. Grabbing my bag, I left the house making sure I set the security system on.



"Hey, anything new with the secret lover boy?" Carmen asked.

"Nope. Just the same old sending me flowers complimenting tactic."

Suddenly, I opened my locker to find a black box along with the red rose alongside it. I looked at Carmen and Jamie confused. Well, this is new. As I opened the box and saw a necklace with my name engraved on it. Why would he give me this? Am I that valuable to him? Why do I feel like something wrong is going to happen soon or later? Should I accept the necklace? Sure, the necklace is beautiful and it was really nice of him to get me this?

A gasp escaped Jamie's lips, "Oh my gosh, that necklace is gorgeous, Riley."

"I know right?"

"Put it on, " Carmen said, motioning me to put it on my neck.

I tried on the necklace, looking in the mirror on my locker. Oh my gosh, the necklace looks so pretty. I placed the box in my bag and left the rose in my locker. I grabbed my books, closing the locker. Then I went to class.



Kyle's POV:

After watching a clueless nerd smile at every gift she gets. The necklace was a success. I'm not going to reveal myself just yet but I'll do it at the party though. Once that's done with, then the humiliation comes in. After that, I got this whole bet in the bag.

After that, she'll never come out of her house again. She'll be so embarrassed and I'll be laughing along with everyone. I'm actually excited to do this. If she doesn't come to the party, then this whole thing will be done for nothing and I won't win the bet. Time to spice things up a little bit more.

Riley's POV:

After four classes of people asking me where I got my necklace from, I went to my locker switched my books, locking it and heading straight to the cafeteria. As I got there, I was met with Carmen and Jamie standing by the door. I sat with them and ate my lunch. While eating, I felt a slight vibration in my pocket. Taking out my phone, I saw messages from both dad and my "secret admirer".

D: Hey princess, how's school going?

R: School's going well. What about you?

D: Brazil is alright. I'm at the gym with Jose right now. He said hi.

R: Cool. Tell him that I said good luck on the match.

D: I will. We'll talk later. I have help Jose with his jabs now.

R: okay, see you later, dad.

D: See you later, princess.

S: I hope you like the necklace I bought for you. I was thinking we finally meet up somewhere.

R: When and where?

S: Maybe at a party perhaps. Next Friday?

R: Are talking about the party a jock at my school? Wait, how do you even know about that party?

S: My friend goes to your school and I was invited.

R: I guess I'll see you there.

S: See you there.

After texting the admirer, I looked up to see the girls looking at me confused. Looks I'm going to the party next Friday. Honestly, I don't want to go but I want to know who my secret admirer is. So, I'll have to find something to wear and go to the party next Friday. I have a bad feeling about this though.

"So, anything new with the admirer?"

"Well, you know about the party next Friday right?"

"Yeah? What did he say?"

"He wants us to meet there. So, I'm going to the party."

"Oh my gosh, it'll be so much fun. We're so glad that you're coming with us."

"I knew you guys would be glad. Please don't get drunk on me."

"We won't, we promise."

"I hope so."

~After school~

I went to my locker and placed my books there after class. Then I checked my notebooks to see if I did all my homework and I did. I locked my locker and went outside.


I arrived at home, parking my car in the garage. Then I turned off the car and grabbed my bag. I got out and locked the doors. Then I went inside and locked the doors. I went straight upstairs to my room and opened my laptop. Then I logged onto my Skype and call dad.

"Hey, dad. What's up?"

"Nothing much. I just got done training with Jose. What about you?"

"Nothing much just waiting for you to come home. I miss you, dad."

"I miss you too, princess. I'm coming home the week after. Don't worry. When I get back, we'll hang out together, okay?"


After talking with dad, I turned off my laptop and turned on my tv. I watched tv until sleep took over my body. Secret admirer, I'll find you and I'll find out who you are. I have to go the party Friday night. I have a strong feeling that something bad will happen though. I think it involves me. Instincts, I hope you're right about this strange feeling.


Hey guys, thanks for the support on the first two chapters. Glad you guys like the new version of the Street Fighter. The wait for the third chapter is finally over. Here it is. Thanks again for the support. I promise things will get really interesting later on. Hope you guys enjoy this chapter.





See you next time!??????????

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