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   Chapter 16 ash vs Carnage part 2

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Updated: 2018-07-27 13:38

This is a continuation of the fight in Cameron's prospective. Enjoy


She struggled to get up, but she got up regardless. I was relieved but I wasn't surprised. Her eyes were darker like they used to be back when we were kids. She was back. The monster they all heard stories of was back; stronger and faster than ever.

Carnage was shocked. He was idiot to think she would go down that easily.

"How should I kill you, Carnage?" She asked. "Its the least I can do since I didn't give your sister a choice."

"Shut up! She died for no reason!" He protested. "You mercilessly killed her!"

She laughed and then glared at him. "What I did was successfully survive! What I did was kill to prevent from being killed! And you of all people should know that since you're a warehouse rat yourself!"

What? He lived in a warehouse too?

There were tears running down his cheeks. "Shut up! You killed her! You killed the only family I had left!"

Riley stalked towards him. "Tell me, who was it, Carnage? Who kidnapped you and forced to become the person you are?"

He looked away. "It was..." He then pointed at Carmen's father.

Wow, this just took a major left.

"What?! DAD! Is he...telling the truth?" She asked.

Her father looked away from her. "Yes, its true. It was a long time ago, long before you were born. I was business partners with someone who knew the ins and outs of that particular business. It was a way to get our name out there and became something more."

"That doesn't explain anything, dad. I can't believe you'd kidnap someone to make money for by killing others. It's cruel!"

I smirked. "Would you look at that. Carmen finally has sympathy but its too late now."

"Shut up, Cameron. This doesn't concern you!" She yelled stepping into my personal space.

"This is concerns me more than you realize, Carmen. You don't know me nor your best friend at all, sweerheart. I'm baffled your still alive after you betrayed her, " I stared at her coldly. "That's my wife in that cage fighting the brother of her first kill. That's the same cage I stepped into. That same cage brought us together and it is where this ends. As for you, I hope you realize the dangerous game you're playing because before you know it, I'll personally his head onto your precious mantle. His death will be your conscious just like your guards." I wrapped my hand around her neck.

She was frightened as I showed her the woman in the cage. He was now dead after she listened to his story. She sent him to his sister and she stared at his lifeless body like she used to. She turned her attention to me. There

a first class flight to hell."

He laughed. "Always bluffing. Always talking and never a man of action."

Without a word, I slammed his face on the desk hearing that all familar cracking sound. It was his nose followed by his pained screech.

"Now, to tell you what I really came here for. Before you head off to your precious cage, I'd like to give you a parting gift. A broken nose part of it, " I smirked. "If you want to live longer, don't call for us anymore. Delete our numbers off of your phones. If you love risking your life, call us and I'll personally deliever you to Rodney. You choose, Nathan."

I walked out of the office with a sly smile on my face.

~Flashback end~


"You pretty much threatened his life in your own way, " I laughed.

"You know me all too well, " he laughed with me.

We watched as Carmen was taken by her father's men. While waiting for everyone else to clear out, we stayed inside then went to the left wing. It was where we stayed, trained and slept. Where the two of us stared a room together.

"This is it, isn't it?" I asked.

"Yeah, " He wrapped his arm around my waist. "Our first real encounter. Our first...everything." He smiled at me.

I turned to him teary-eyed. "Promise me, you won't leave."

His head rested on mine. "I'll never leave you, baby. I'll stay by you until the day I die. I love you."

His lips met mine.


Hi guys, I know its been three days since I updated but I feel like blessing you all with a chapter. The last chapter of the revised/revamped version of "The Underground". I hope you guys enjoyed reading this story. Thank you for even taking the time to read it.

See you soon, I may have a little surprise coming out really, really soon.??

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