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   Chapter 14 you can't break us

The Cage By mo_trill Characters: 5511

Updated: 2018-07-18 20:49

Something so gentle was just right. His touch, his kisses, his smile that'd put me in a trance. Nothing changed about him; this was Cameron. It always was. There were times where I wanted something different after Cameron left the warehouse at the time.

As usual, I was just used for their own needs. They wanted popularity and got it using me. Who wouldn't want to take the opportunity at a boxing legend's daughter? That was a common thing in hollywood. Though dad was loyal to mom no matter what bimbo crossed his path and tried their luck, I remember when he took this woman out for lunch.

He knew her for years. They were best friends. He helped her out financially and brough her entire family out to Los Angeles. Then she told the world they were dating because they out together so often. The public hated him for a while since he was "cheating" on his wife.

I can't remember the last time my dad had any real fun afterwards. She tried her luck pushing herself, flirting with him and trying to become my stepmom pretty much. It was hilarious when dad found out. I was watching them when they fought, eating popcorn as if I was watching a TV drama. To be honest, she was a great actress. She would have been perfect for a drama or a reality show. She knew how to get the people talking, and definitely had talking about my dad for months.

My heart was always with Cameron even though he was the first to break it. No matter what, you always have a special place for the first person that captured your heart. They're always going to hold that spot no matter who build a relationship with.

"Good morning, babe, " he smiled. His voic


After letting her go, I walked away, putting on the rest of my gear. I walked into the cage waiting for him. Ready for a fight, ready to face death. At the corner of my eye, I saw her. Carmen watching with a sly smile on her face. Its funny. You think you know a person until they show you how fake they really are. Its unfortunate but thats the world. A bunch of two-faced people walking around with their heads held high then bring you down into a gutter and laugh in your face.

The thing is, she doesn't know me. She never did. Now, she'll find out who I am. Who I really am? Why I walk on the streets in California and all the gangs including the Serpents don't miss with me. She's going to find out how ruthless and merciless I really am.

It was quiet when he came in. He was tall, slightly taller than his sister. He had a bigger build than her, strong facial features and different color shade of eyes. His hair was black like hers.

"Are you ready to die, little girl?" He asked in his thick Russian accent.

I stared in his eyes and smiled.

Let's who goes down first.

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