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   Chapter 11 reverse and retract

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It was as if a switch went off. Everything was flipping in reverse, but something was bothering me. Riley has been quiet, in the gym and coming back with bloody knuckles. My guess is, she's letting off some steam for the fight.

I've been noticing her changing though. She's more expressive now than she used to be. Then there's the fact that she can switch from sweet to deadly in a matter of minutes. Now standing in front of me wasn't Riley West. It was Slash, the one I remember. The one I fought beside every night in the cages.

They wanted Slash? They got her. What they got before was just the tip of the iceberg. Carmen is going to see the truth with her own eyes.

We were back home. Finally able to rest for a while before the fight. Unfortunately, things were getting dire and I hate it. We, were three steps back. They were getting too close to us. Way too close.

This wasn't good for us nor for them. We were siting on the couch while our little one slept in her room. We made sure to keep the door open and the house security system was on. At this rate, we have to act rationally or everything will just go

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