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   Chapter 10 three steps back

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We decided to fly back to Russia since business was pretty much done. Cameron and I were sitting in the airport waiting for our flight.

"You okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, why? I answered way too quickly.

"Don't lie to me, babe. Its about Carmen isn't it?" He figured me out.

I sighed. "I knew I couldn't trust her, but I didn't know she'd be the daughter of a Don."

"Mhmm, hence the saying, keep your enemies close and your friends closer, " he stated.

"Why does everyone feel the need to make me angry? It's like they're amused to see me that way. They all love when I'm angry, " I stated.

"Then you need to find way to block your emotions from controlling your actions. They play on it thinking it's your weakness. Remember what Rodney said?"

"Never show emotion. It's a fighter's weakness."

It was if everything came crashing down on me like a tsunami. That was it. That was why these people won't leave me be. That is why they take advantage

ar still hugging him.

"Anything for you, princess. What's up?" He was worried. The way his voice cracked thinking about the girls.

"Promise me you won't be afraid, " I whispered.

"I promise, but why should I be?" He asked.

"Because Slash is coming back, " I revealed.


Cliffhanger! Sorry. I couldn't resist the urge to leave one. Things are getting crazy already and it's only been ten chapters so far. I hope you enjoyed the last few chapters because the next few are about to be insane.

Who likes this new version of the Underground? Put your thoughts in the comments section.

Other than that, Enjoy!

See you soon!??

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