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   Chapter 9 dealing with secrets

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For the first time, I saw it. Riley as a human, not the monster she's known to be. She's been living a lie, dropping bodies left and right, and protecting the people she cares about. I finally saw what Rodney destroyed all those years ago.

"Did send her the message?" A voice erupted as the door opened.

I looked away. "No. Why are we doing this again?"

"To get revenge. Duh, did you forget already?"

"Its kind of sick. Her own best friend is trying to kill her. Its also hilarious too because I felt her wrath before. I know what she's capable of. As far as I'm concern, good luck because she'll have you dead before you can even call for help, " I smirked.

Knowing my statement frightened the figure I took the liberty to make it worse for them.

"Do you even understand what you mafias are getting yourselves into? I mean, my late brother trained her, molded her into the reaper she is. They don't call her Slash for no reason. I heard she sliced a person in three and fed them to a shark, " I smirked again creating an eerie atmosphere. "Are you sure you want to die, sweetheart? Do you want your entire family to die because I hear she doesn't hesitate or show mercy."

"Shut up. Your bluffing, " the voice was shaky though the room was dark, dim-light by the light on my phone.

"Take a look at my face, " I sneered pointing the light to my face. "She did this. She nearly killed me...TWICE!"

It was silent. "You don't know what you're getting into and as for your boss, I'm warning him now, pack up and leave or both of you will die anyway she chooses."

I got up, grabbing my phone. I pushed passed the figure and left.


"So, how did it go?" Derek asked.

"Eh, it was alright. I think I scared her, " I smiled.

"Good, because Nathan just called. He wants us back in Russia, " he revealed.


"It involves our...partner, "

Oh boy...

"What about them?" I

"Shut up, " I tightened my grip. "I'll kill you here and now."

"No, you won't. I'm your bestfriend. You would never killed your bestfriend, " she stated as if I was bluffing.

"Tsk, tsk, here let me show you what I'm really capable of Carmen since you clearly don't understand, " I started. One of her guards lunged for me, I smiled just before I kicked her guard to the ground.

I got on top of the guard, placing in an triangle choke submission, switching my signature Reaper Trap. I began to twist, hearing his neck begin to crack purposefully watching her frightened reaction. I kept going

"STOP! PLEASE! PLEASE DON'T KILL HIM!" She screamed. Because I was in a good mood, I knocked him out keeping his neck in tact but another one lunged.

This time I showed no mercy. In an instant, his lifeless body fell to the ground as I stared at him emotionless. I looked her who was mortified.

"Run, and give this message to your father. Tell him, my services are off limits and I'm not going anywhere, " I said to her blankly.

"Come back, and I'll shove your entire uterus down your throat, " Cameron let those words slip off his tongue dripping with venom.

I let her go, running with tears rolling down her cheeks. I kept her gun knowing it may be of use soon.

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