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   Chapter 6 haunt part 2

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Our moment was interrupted by a knock. I got up, threw a robe on and answered the door. There stood a salice Alexa and petrified Derek.

"Listen, we're sorry. There was money involved so we had to do it, " she spat out quickly.

"Leave before I make both of you infertile, " I sneered coldly. They ran off immediately and I closed our door locking it.

Laying back on the bed, I laid on Cameron's chest again.

"Who was it?" He asked.

"Derek and Alexa, " I answered annoyed.

"They sure have a death wish, " he chuckled. "Anyway, a strange number called your phone so I answered and it was a guy named Marcus. Who is he?"

"Marcus is my dad's best friend and employee. He works at my dad's gym here in California and he makes my fighting outfits, " I answered honestly. "What did he say?"

"He said that he has something ready for you, " He looked at me suspiciously. "What does he have ready, Riley?"

"You'll see. Come with me, " I got back up, put a cute outfit together and got ready.

Cameron, on the other hand, ruffled his hair, threw on a black t-shirt with dark-blue pants and a pair of combat boots with a black leather jacket. I noticed how good he looked probably looking at him way too long. He smirked.

"No need gawk, baby. It's all yours, " he said pointing to his body.

I grabbed my purse, keys and jacket and we headed out.


see it in her eyes. Slash was back though she never left. There was something different about her. I noticed it when Riley was angry confronting Nathan. I noticed it; the old Slash was more ruthless and didn't really care who she was up against. With every opponent she had, they all saw it; they all how deadly she was and still is.

From my perspective, She may be the deadliest woman I know but she is also human. I notice when she has her internal battles. I have them to wonder if my life could be somewhat normal. Wondering if people in the Underground didn't know who we were. Wondering what would happen if we weren't kidnapped in the first place. Riley and I would've never met if none of this happened. I wouldn't have found the woman I'm destined to spend the rest of my life with.

So, I have to embrace that side of me. I have to embrace Rodney's creation. I have to embrace the killer within me.

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