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   Chapter 5 haunt

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It's funny. Everything is going in reverse with a twist. The light is dimming on me slowly. There won't be much time left. I can't let myself lose control nor let my emotions get the best of me.

Cameron and I were sitting in the hotel room. I was staring at my mask; my old one. The one I wore that night. I kept it because it reminds me of what I once was.

The monster I was turned into. I heard my heart beating against my ribs. There was something eerie around Nathan's statement. I knew who he was referring to.


"If you don't win this match, you know the consequences, " he stared at me hard.

"Y-yes s-sir, " I stared back but afraid.

I was standing by the cage watching her; my first opponent. My first fight. She was extremely tall probably as the tall as the cage. She hyping the crowd up as they cheered for her. It was frightening. My name was announced. It was quiet, too quiet.

It was understandable. No one knows who I am...yet. After this fight, they will.

"Let the match begin!" The announcer rang the bell.

My opponent ran towards me choosing to use her strength but I was quicker. I dodged every chance I got. He stood over in the corner watching with a scowl on his face. He wasn't pleased making my heart sink.

I fought back after feeling the effects of her strength. I heard most of the bones crack; the music to her ears. She was laughing; this was fun for her, but I saw something shining in the light. I saw her pull it out with a smirk on her face.

"You will die tonight little girl, " she mouthed.

Her face was hard, cold sending an eerie chill down my spine. She attacked once again, but I dodged every strike getting her to the ground with my hands wrapped around her tree-like neck. I mimicked her hard expression just before she cut me.



The crowd went silent as I stared at her unmoving body moving to my hands then to him. He was smiling and applauding me as the announcement raised my hand.

"Your winner by death, SLASH."

"Babe? Babe!" Cameron waved his hand in my face.


Sorry, I had a flashback, " I looked at him with a small smile.

"Let me guess, the fight with Bones?" He asked.

"Yeah..., " I nodded.

He sighed. "Sweetheart, nothing will happen to you nor our family. Not while I'm alive. I promise you whoever may come will know our wrath. They'll know how dangerous we can be."

I sighed, throwing my head back, listening to his footsteps as he came closer. I lifted my head back up to find him with lustful eyes, a smirk gracing his strong face. He leaned closer, our heads touching. I could feel his breath kiss my skin throwing my body into excitement.

"I know you just had our little one, but..., " he whispered seductively. "You drive me crazy, baby."

"Really? I didn't notice, " I leaned in but didn't kiss him, teasing him. I got up to feel his arm snake around my waist.

"Baby, you know it isn't smart to tease me, " he whispered in my ear, beginning his attack on my neck. "You know, I can't resist you."

"Babe, no more kids yet, okay?" He laughed.

"Don't worry, baby. I won't go too far, " he stated leaving his marks.

"Why do I find that hard to believe, honey?" I asked him playfully.

"I promise, babe, " he gave me a peck. "But I will get a taste regardless." He grabbed my butt kissing me again.


I laid on his chest looking at his face, sweat making his skin glissen in the light. He hugged my body tightly.

"Babe, are you okay?" He asked sweetly.

"I'm fine. Why?" I asked him a little confused.

"You've been different since nathan told the news about whoever was coming for you. Especially against Alexa, you were pretty behead her, " he explained. "I haven't seen that side of you before."

"I guess they pushed the wrong button. Sorry, if I worried you. I just hate being betrayed, you know?" I explained. " I have a feeling it may happen again."

"If it does, I'm here. Just know that I'll be there if you need to cry on my shoulder, " He assured.

"Thanks, babe, " I propped my head up leaning towards his and kissed him.

"Anything for you, baby, " he kissed me back.

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