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   Chapter 4 reunion

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There was a staredown between them. A gust blew by, taking the intensity to a new level. The tension grew drastically as they walked closer, still keeping their locked on each other. It was quiet.

"Hand over the girl, Nick. Let's not make things turn ugly, " Cameron broke the silence.

"It's been ugly since you arrived, my friend. It's just about to get uglier with a dash of blood, " the man smiled sadistically.

"Are you sure you want that, Nick?" Cameron walked up to the man with a cold stare. "Remember, I can be very, very dangerous."

The man stepped back looking at Derek and Alexa who were smiling at him. Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

We were surrounded by them as they all stalked towards us. One by one, they all attacked and one by one they all saw white scurrying away with their tails between their legs.

"THIS ISNT OVER, ROGUE! WAIT UNTIL THE BOSS GETS TO YOU!" the injured man yelled being carried off by the rest of his men.

Ignoring them, I went over to the car and helped Carmen. When will things get better? Honestly, because I'm done cleaning up the government's mess.


The moment Rodney stepped into our lives, everything flipped. Everything changed. Everything took a turn for the worst. I wouldn't change it for the world because Cameron and I would've never met and our little one wouldn't exist. Of course, I wanted to see what a normal childhood was like. I was curious. I'm a privileged girl with a messed up life. A messed up life that I'm starting to embrace.

"I'm sorry, " tears fell from her eyes. "I wasn't thinking. I just---". I hugged her though I started having a bad feeling.

Why was this feeling towards her, my best friend?

"You were desperate and you probably needed money, but this isn't the way to get it, Carmen. You know that, " I reminded her.

"I know..., " Carmen pulled away from me hugging her. "It was nice seeing again. See you around, Riley?" She walked away leaving.

There was something throwing me off about her but why?

"You saw it too?" Cameron asked.

I nodded in response. "Something's up and it isn't sitting

right with me."

"Same here, " He agreed.

After the whole pointless confrontation with the Serpents, Derek and Alexa were nearby watching us. I looked over at them with a scowl deciding to finally occupy their graves.

Within a split second, I had them both in my grasp by their throats. I heard them whimpering trying to catch their breath. I tightened my grip making it even more difficult for them to have breath supply.

"You know, it's not smart to set up a killer. I spared your life twice and this is how you repay me? Now, I have all the more reason to kill you, " I smiled menacingly while Cameron stood behind me watching.

"You wouldn't dare. My father would kill you without hesitation, " she croaked.

"Not if I break him in two first, " I smirked. "Then I break you and feed you to my father's piranhas."

"Easy, Riley, " a voice rang through. I turned to see Nathan standing across from us. "I can't lose her. You know that."

Instead of killing her on the spot, I knocked her out and followed through with Derek. I approached him closely. I was in his personal space looking him in the eye.

"Give me one reason, why I shouldn't?" I spat coldly. "Because I am three seconds away from snapping her neck in two."

"Listen, I know she's untrustworthy but trust me. This is the last time, she'll get close to you, " he assured. "There's something I need to tell you."

"What the hell is it now?" I asked angry.

"Someone from your past is coming and he's coming for you, Riley, " he revealed.

Cameron looked puzzled. "Who could it be?"

"I think I know, " I whispered figuring out his statement.


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