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   Chapter 3 hostage

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Once we landed, Riley and I went to a hotel getting a room together. Derek and Alexa got a separate room two rooms down from us. We were sitting down with our old gear in front of us. The masks, the bands we used to wrap our hands with. Everything.

The memories rushed in flooding my mind like the ocean. I remember the moments we shared secretly. When we dated back then. Course, people noticed how awfully close we were but never suspected it. We just acted like best friends in front of everyone and kept our relationship extremely private.

Dating a fellow fighter wasn't allowed back then, but you can't help it. Boys get curious when puberty hits them. We went through puberty together. She was my first and will always be my first. Now, she's the mother to my daughter. It's funny how everything how everything came full circle between us.

I felt a pair of soft lips on mine bringing me back to reality.

"Earth to my husband, you okay?" She waved her hand in my face.

I chuckled, "I'm fine, baby." I kissed her back. "Just reminiscing."

"On what?" She asked.

"Us. How we met and practically grew up together. How we managed to date back then though we weren't allowed to, " I revealed to her.

She laughed, "Good times, weren't they?"

"Most definitely. Come on, we have to get Carmen back, " I got up and grabbed my mask wrapping it around my mouth.

Then I changed into my black sweatsuit that was designed t

o look like a ninja's outfit. Afterwards, I watched Riley change and honestly it was turning me on. I'm one lucky man. She was about to put the mask over her mouth when I stopped her. She looked at me confused but I pulled mine down and kissed her.

"What was that for?" She asked.

"Because I love you, " I answered.

She smiled walking away from me and grabbing a few of her knives. I grabbed a few of mine and we met Derek and Alexa outside.

"Just like old times?" She said asking if I was ready.

"Just like old times."

The school was just a few blocks away from our hotel. Riley's old high school.


The circle never breaks doesn't it? That's how my life has been going this whole time and here we here. Back in hell. Back where Slash was born. Back where Riley the nerd made it to her resting place.

We were waiting until a black Escalade appeared with slightly tinted windows. I saw the side profile of the person in the back seat. It was her. I knew it. Carmen's defined facial structure was nothing you can miss me. She has the face of a model. You can't miss it.

Three men stepped out in black suits. Two of them with guns strapped to their backs, probably for intimidation. That's nothing compared to what I've been through and seen.

"Well, well, if isn't the deserter, " one of the men spat coldly at Cameron.

Let's hope this ends well without the real Slash coming out to be the monster she truly is.

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