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   Chapter 2 old habits

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Cameron punched Derek in his mouth. I stared at Alexa who was staring back at me, maybe even past me and at my little one.

"WHAT THE HELL, CAMERON?!" Derek yelled while Cameron smirked.

"Whoops, my hand slipped. My bad, " he apologized acting as if he meant it. Derek glared at him ready to respond with a punch of his own.

He responded but it had no effect on Cameron. Instead, Cameron laughed and glared at him coldly taking his hand for a handshake. He squeezed it until he heard every bone in Derek's hand cracking. He heard scream out which made him smile evilly.

"That was for my wife, " he said. Alexa looked at him slightly frightened.

"Let him go, Cameron, " she spat coldly trying to hide her fear but her words came out shaky.

Cameron let Derek go and approached her, "Let's get one thing straight, we're not here to help you nor trust you. If you ever lay a finger on Riley or any of our family, I'll make you infertile."

Her eyes went wide at his threat. She met my gaze hoping he was bluffing but I smirked making it worse for her.

"Anyway, let's get this over with. I want to come back with my head on my shoulders, " he walked over to me to kiss my forehead and grabbed our little one.

She cried not wanting to leaving and Cameron comforted her, "It's okay, princess. I promise to take you skiing when mommy and I come back from work, okay?"

"Otay, dada! Can we visit auntie Ryan?" She gave him the signature puppy eyes he could never resist. Surprisingly, it was convenient since we heading to my parent's house anyway.

"Of course, sweetheart, " he cooed.

"Dada? Sweetheart? Is that your..." Alexa began. "Nevermind."

"To answer your question, yes it is. We were having a lovely time here on the mountain before your interruption, " Cameron answered quickly. "Now, if you'll excuse us. We need to go pack."

About thirty minutes in, our little one fell asleep during the drive home. She looked so peaceful and sweet. This is the reason why I'm like this. I want nothing to happen to her. I don't want her to live the way I did.

I don't want history to really repeat itself.

Sadly it does, sweetheart. You can't run away from it forever, my subconscious chimed in.

I'm not running away. I'm not avoiding it either. I'm facing it head on, I argued.

Let's hope, Slash can stay sane as possible.

Don't worry, I have self control.

Suddenly, I heard a pair of fingers snap in front of me.

"Babe, you okay

?" Cam asked worried.

"Sorry, I was just thinking, " I told sheepishly.

"I know exactly how to take things off your mind, "he smirked. His arms wrapped me and he lifted me up carrying me bridal style to our room.


We laid there for a moment in sweat, high of lust. He knew me all too well. I cuddled against him making myself comfortable and looked at him.

"I wish we could stay like this, " I blurted in a whisper.

"I know. Unfortunately, our life doesn't have much peace in it right now. We have to pack for California anyway, " I watched him changed. You wouldn't blame if you saw how perfect his body is. The muscles flexing every time he moves his veins popping out and how solid his body is.

I changed right after him noting that he might be watching so I teased him.

"Don't make me knock you loose, baby, " he started huskily. He walked over to me and whispered, "Because you'll be having my twins If you keep it up."

I laughed, "Easy, babe. I'm sore from earlier." He smirked.

We were finished with packing. Our little one was still fast asleep. Cameron carried her in his arms while I carried her bag out the house with Derek and Alexa who followed behind us.

We arrived at my parent's house after a quick ten minutes drive. Dad opened the door with a smile on his face.

"Hi, princess. How's my little princess doing?" He cooed.

"She's great, dad. It's good to seeing you again. How's everything with mom?" I asked him as his facial expression changed only slightly.

"She's alright. She keeps beating herself up about the know, " he revealed with a sigh taking out little one out of Cameron's just after Cameron kissed her forehead.

I sighed, "Well, whenever she decides to come out and talk to me, let me know. But do you mind keeping our little princess until we get back?"

"Of course, but where are you two going?" He asked concerned.

"Something happened in California so we have to check it out, " I revealed.

"And they have to come with you?" He sneered glaring at them.

"Unfortunately, yes, " I responded with another sigh.

"Be careful especially around them, " he warned.

"You don't have to tell me twice, dad. I disfigured her face last time and I'll have no problem doing it again if she crosses the line, " I reassured him.

"That's my girl. Now go save the world...again."

We left on the way to the airport. I can't believe we're going back. Back to where it all began.

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