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I don't know how many times I've replayed the scenario in my head. I don't understand the reason I'm still alive. I have a family sure, but there's an annoying feeling that will never leave me.


I can't move past it knowing that I've killed people, what Rodney made me into or even the fact Derek saw first hand, partially what I'm capable of. I disfigured his little girlfriend's face and he left me with a gun shot wound.

With my family now, things will be a lot harder. I have to protect them. I have to be ready for anything. My sweet bundle of joy can't know what her mommy did for a living. She can't get involved into things like that and I'll make sure of it.

I felt a hand snake around my waist. I looked only to find Cameron smiling at me.

"Good morning, beautiful, " he planted a kiss on my forehead. "Something's on your mind. What is it?" His eyebrow furrowed in suspicion.

I sighed, "I'm worried. I have a gut feeling something may happen today but I have no idea what it could be. I'm also worried what might happen if-, " tears began their quest to push through my eyes. He hugged tightly.

"Babe, listen to me, nothing is going to happen to our family. We may have done unthinkable things in the past but it's what made us who we are. We're Slash and Rogue for a reason. We have that reputation for a reason. We know damn well what to do if something happens. I love you no matter what and I'll do whatever it takes because no one is going to touch my family, " he vowed, letting his soft lips meet mine. "Don't start doubting yourself, okay? You're the strongest person I know. I know you'll pull through because you always do."

He wiped my tears away just as a small knock filled the room. He got up and opened the door. Our little one jumped into his arms with a big smile on her face.

"Good morning, dada and mama!" He gave her a kiss on her cheek. "Hey! That's mama's spot." She pouted at him only making him smile even wider. Can't blame him. It was really cute.

"Aww, no fair. Why does mommy get to

kiss you and not daddy?" He said playfully. She giggled.

"Dada, I save this cheek just for you, " she explained in a duh tone pointing to her right cheek. He chuckled and kissed her there.

They joined me on the bed and I was tackled by them both with kisses. I laughed.

"A-alright, alright. That's enough guys, " I stated breathlessly after being attacked with tickles from Cameron.

To ruin the moment, the viberation of my phone filled the room. I picked up and answered without looking at the ID.

"What is it, Nathan?" I asked harshly.

"A hello would be nice, but how's Russia treating you?"

"It's nice. It feels safe, " I answered honestly.

"That's good, " he replied genuinely. "Anyway, there's been a little mishap in California. It may involve someone you might be close with."

"And who would that be?" I pressed.

"I think her name is Carmen. I don't know."

Damn it. Let me guess, it could be the Serpents or Derek and Alexa.

"One more thing, you may not like the sound of this but I sent Derek and Alexa to come get you. I'm sorry, " he revealed hesistantly.

"When I find you, nathan, you are going to be in pain for an year, " I gritted my teeth.

"Dada, can we go sleigh?" Our little one asked him making me smile.

Cameron gave me a look, mixed with concern and some anger, "Let me guess, that was nathan wasn't it."

I sighed, "Sadly, it was."

"Ugh, what is it now?" He asked annoyed.

"Something happened to Carmen. So, it's one of those rescue missions, " I answered.

He gave our little one a small smile, "Sure, princess. Let's go sleigh."

She jumped in joy, "Yay!"

I giggled at her excitement and she ran to her room. We followed her and I helped her get into her clothes.


The mountain was beautiful. It was a calming scenery to take in. Peaceful enough to make me forget the person I've become over the years though it was all to perfect my family.

"So nice to see you two again, " a voice spoke close by. I turned and it seemed my eyes were deceiving me.

Alexa and Derek.

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