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   Chapter 21 1 That's The Last Time I Ask A Cheerleader

Crestfallen By Natasha Larson Characters: 6370

Updated: 2018-09-11 12:10

It was getting late and I was shivering again. The conversation hadn't ended there though. I told him a really had joke because it got awkward fast, but to my surprise he'd returned it with one of his own. After that, we got to talking.

We didn't quite get to anything deep and I'm pretty sure we only scratched the surface, but it was a good start.

"—and instead of shutting off the hose, she started spraying on herself. I'm pretty sure she thought it was a movie montage or something, but it looked fucking ridiculous. That's the last time I ask a cheerleader to help me do gardening." He finished as my chuckles subsided. I'd started laughing halfway through the story. When I finally stopped giggling, I noticed Jeremy staring at me with a small smile on his face.

"What?" I asked him, a grin still sitting on my lips. I didn't think he was going to answer for a moment, but he surprised me when he did.

"You have a really pretty laugh, " he said simply and unabashedly. I felt blood rushing to my cheeks as I blushed embarrassingly.

"How am I supposed to reply to that?" I questioned unsure of how to react. However, the grin on my face was growing into a huge smile that I couldn't stop.

"You can tell me I'm an amazing storyteller, but I guess that'd be somewhat redundant because I already know I am, " he said with a cocky wink. I rolled my eyes, but I couldn't take the smile off my face even if I wanted to.

"Jeremy?" I felt the mood change with the gentle tone I used and he looked up at me with suspicion.

"Yeah?" He replied while standing up and opening one of the few cupboards in his 'kitchen'. He grabbed a banana and peeled it as I gathered the courage to ask him a question.

"Why do you live here?" I questioned. Jeremy froze as he took a bite out of his banana and faced me. I realized the question sounded intrusive and I quickly added, "it's just that you said

y. He ran a hand through his hair agitatedly before taking a deep breath and relaxing.

"Fine, " I gave in, walking towards the bed. Before I laid down, I paused and turned to face him. "Where are you going to sleep?"

"On the chair, " he replied as if it was obvious. A wave of guilt came over me; that chair was super cold and not very comfortable.

"You can, uh, lie down with me, " I suggested. I wasn't entirely comfortable with the idea, but I probably wouldn't get much sleep knowing he was sleeping on a chair. Jeremy seemed to think it over before squinting at me.

"You sure you won't mind?" He inquired, making sure I was comfortable with it. I smiled at his concern and felt a little more okay with it.

"It's no problem, " I replied as I crawled onto the bed and under the blanket. Jeremy reached up and pulled the string attached to the light and shut it off. He then limped over to the mattress and I scooted to the end farthest from the wall. He kneeled down and crawled beside me, right next to the wall. I pulled the blanket over our bodies and my shivering began to subside.

Jeremy's body was very close to mine, but I tried to forget about it as I whispered, "Good night."

"Good night, " he replied before I started to drift to sleep.

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