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   Chapter 19 9 With What Money

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Updated: 2018-09-10 19:23

"How is school?" My mother asked, smiling at me warmly, just like I remembered her. I took off my boots as I replied.

"It's good." I then took off Macy's coat and her eyes seemed to glue themselves to it.

"Where'd you get that?" She inquired seemingly innocently. Suddenly, her smile seemed sickly sweet while her eyes portrayed envy and suspicion. Seriously?

"My friend lent it to me, I gave mine to someone else, " I explained, taking off my hat and mitten, sitting beside my father. It was still pretty cold in our house because we couldn't afford good heating, but I was used to it. I sniffled, but kept smiling as kindly as I could.

"Why?" She questioned, her smile slipping into a frown.

"He didn't have one, " I continued, looking over at my dad. He was looking at my mother with adoration and love, his eyes fixed on her. I sighed and looked back at my mother. My love for her was quickly becoming less.

"Oh." Was all she said, a grimace on her face. I felt like scowling, but somehow I managed to keep my lips quirked upwards. "Well, let's move on from small talk, about the reason I'm here."

"Okay, " I replied uneasily. Dad's eyebrows creased as if he thought this was just a casual visit. He obviously didn't know that she was here for something.

"I'm here to take you with me. Valerie has been begging me to see you so go pack your stuff, we're going back to Atlanta." Since when did they live in Atlanta? I knew they'd moved, but to America? Really? My dad's jaw dropped and he looked at her with betrayal. My mother was looking around the house with blatant distain.

"No." I didn't realize I'd said it until my mothers w

didn't continue or add onto that, he prodded, "Yeah, and..?"

"She wants to take me with her back to Atlanta, to Dave and my sister, " I explained sadly, not in the mood to share my life story, but not having much other choice.

"Why don't you want to go?" He continued, leaning forward, resting his chin on his hands.

"Can we not do this? I'd rather not discuss the details, " I stated, shivering.

He sighed before saying, "I'm sorry. For now and for earlier." It took me a moment to process what he'd said before I started laughing.

"Macy must've done a number on you, " I choked out before bursting into another fit of uncontrollable laughter.

"That might've been a contributing factor, yes, but I'm serious. I was a dick." I smiled at that, tilting my head a little bit.

"Was that word for word what she told you to say?" I inquired, a smile on my face. I'd already forgotten about my mother and my worries while talking to him, it bothered me.

He paused for a moment. "At least I'm trying."

My smile shrunk, but didn't disappear as I replied: "I know, and I appreciate it."

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