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   Chapter 18 8 Alright, Pal

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Macy arrived about fifteen minutes later and I made sure to look away this time as she used improper equipment to stitch him up. Actually, the proper term would probably be 'sew him up'. She was huddled up in all her fancy winter clothes that looked warm.

"All done. Again. This time, don't tear it open again, 'kay?" Macy glared at Jeremy as she stood up from his mattress.

"Sure, next time I'll let Casey get run over, "'Jeremy retorted, rolling her eyes. Id already explained the situation once she'd arrived so she simply ignored him.

She then took a moment to look around the shed. She took a step forward and a crunching sound came out from under her boot. She lifted her foot hesitantly, only to find a chunk of glass now shattered. She looked up at me with a confused expression before acknowledging my hoodie in the window.

She opened her mouth to say something, but I held up a hand and sighed. "Thank you, " we heard Jeremy say from his corner. Both of our heads snapped in his direction. I gave an approving nod.

"Wow, I didn't even have to force it out of him this time." I smirked while Jeremy narrowed his eyes at me. "Well, there's no point going back to school..." I trailed off as I checked my phone once more.

"Yeah, it's halfway through fourth period, " Macy agreed, taking a seat on the mattress beside Jeremy as to not sit on the glass. I sneezed and shivered while Macy looked at me with concern.

"Where's your jacket? And your boots?" she questioned with a suspicious look on her face. "And your other mitten?"

I smiled sheepishly and shrugged. She looked around the room until her eyes reste

. Even though the wind almost blew me away, the storm wasn't as bad as it was earlier.

I was in the process of taking my first step when I heard Macy inside, "Alright, pal, I'm going to teach you some manners."

I smiled to myself before beginning my journey home in the unforgiving blizzard.


I made it home in a heap of sniffles and snot. Gross image, I know. I shut the door behind me and took a deep breath of warm air.

"Casey?" My dad said from the couch, surprisingly not drunk. I was happy he was home, I was afraid I'd have to go look I for him again.

"Hey dad, what's up?" I asked as I took off my boots and jacket. I entered the room and froze as my eyes landed on the person in the chair beside the couch.

"Hello, Casey." Her voice was like I remembered it, soft and caring. Though it'd only been about seven months, I'd missed her, even if she did leave us. For some reason, I felt underdressed compared to her. She wore a pencil skirt with a nice flowy purple blouse.

I smoothed out my sweater self-consciously as I swallowed nervously. "Hi, mom."

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