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   Chapter 17 7 Thank You, Casey

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"W-Why wouldn't y-you j-just let me c-call an a-ambulance?" I stuttered while my teeth chattered incessantly. "I s-swear if it was j-just p-pride or something d-dumb like t-that..."

"Hey, p-pride very i-important to m-me, " Jeremy replied as we entered his shack.

"So w-was it p-pride or not?" I demanded, ready to unleash some supernatural forces up in here.

"Of course n-not, " he responded as if it was obvious. I mean, for everyone else it would be, but this is Jeremy Storm we're talking about, he throws kids into lockers for sport.

"S-So why didn't y-you want t-to go to the hospital?" I was trying to stop my teeth from chattering, but there wasn't any heating in his shack.

"Personal r-reasons, " he replied as he sat on his mattress. There was a chair and a small table that resembled my bedside table; probably because that's what it was meant to be. I took a seat as Jeremy stretched out his leg sorely.

"Fine, then at least tell me how you got that gash, " I countered, crossing my arms over my chest. It probably looked sassy, but I was just trying to collect as much body heat as I could.

Jeremy stayed silent and I glared at him, examining his appearance at the same time. I noticed his feet shaking— something I didn't even know was possible. I sighed and reluctantly asked: "What size are your feet?"

"Why?" He demanded, his eyes flicking up to me.

"Not everyone has ulterior motives, what size are your feet?" I repeated frustratedly, tightening my grip on my arms.

"11 men's, " he finally answered, narrowing his eyes at me as if I was going to end his life with the information he'd just given me.

I groaned quietly and took off my boots. They were a size 10 1/2 men's and my feet were 9 woman's so they were way too big for me. "Take off your shoes and leave one pair of socks on, here, " I stayed, taking off my boots and throwing them in his direction. He caught them effortlessly, and frowned at me confusedly.

"Why are you being so nice to me?" Jeremy questioned, his eyebrows drawing together.

I scoffed as I replied, "If only I knew."

"All I've been is mean to you, even borderline cruel. I've never done anything to earn your kindness. Hell, I'm not e

crossed my arms, trying to gather warmth.

"No problem, " I muttered as I pulled out my phone. It was 1:30PM, break time between classes. I dialled Macy's number and she picked up on the second ring.

"Where the hell are you? I'm pretty sure I aced that Math exam. Then again, I though I aced the last one... Anyway, where have you been? I've been alone all day! It's such a bore here without yo—"

"Do you still have that sewing kit at school from that one class you took this semester?" I inquired, ignoring her previous questions.

"Yeah? Why? What's wrong?" Macy questioned, sounding concerned.

"You're gonna need it. You okay with missing Chemistry this afternoon? I need help."

"No problem, where are you?" She asked me. I could hear all the other students in the hallway, making loud noises as lockers slammed shut in the background.

I looked over at Jeremy and he groaned, knowing that I was about to tell her where he lived. I titled my head with a disbelieving look. I put a hand over the phone and whispered, "You need stitches, plus, Macy has a car."

"You know that shack behind the school?" I questioned while Jeremy groaned across from me.

"Um, yeah? What was that noise?"

"The problem I need you to fix, meet us there." With that, I hung up and looked at Jeremy. I gazed upon him expectantly and he looked at me incredulously. "Come on, seriously? Just say it."

"Thank you, Casey."

"See? That wasn't so hard, was it? Now, we wait."

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