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   Chapter 16 6 Perky Tits

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Two things: I got new glasses and I fucking love how hot Joseph Morgan is.

I regret a lot of things: letting my mom take my sister away, not being able to help my dad, and now, taking Jeremy to my house might top all those things.

My bag was still at school with my keys in it, but my dad usually loses his so we— I keep a spare one inside an old lamp that we keep by the front door. Jeremy was hardly conscious - again, and I had to drag him all the way to my house. It was only about five kilometres away from school, but it seemed farther when you were carrying twice the body mass.

I unlocked the door and pulled him through the threshold. I looked back at the bloody trail we'd left as we'd trudged through the snowy turmoil. Sighing, I shut the door behind us.

"Don't move, blood is hard enough to clean up as it is, " I stated, unwrapping my arm from his cold body and heading to the bathroom for the one towel we owned. Poor people can't afford a linen closet, let alone the linens inside apparently.

I dropped the towel on the floor in front of him and he looked at me disbelievingly through his drooping eyelids.

"What? Blood is hard enough to clean as it is." I shrugged as he took a troubled step onto the towel.

"It's easy to get off of hardwood, all you do is wipe, " he explained, his voice sounding tired.

"Fine, when this is done, you can 'wipe', " I declared, smirking at him. He scowled and I rolled my eyes, bringing my attention back to the problem at hand. "Here, come sit on the couch." I moved the towel with him —yes, it was very awkward— and he dropped onto my couch like a rock in the ocean. I squatted and took into account how much blood was covering his pants.

"I don't really have anything to fix this with, " I told him worriedly as I rolled up his pant leg to examine the wound. "Holy crap." I grimaced at the torn stitching and the blood that was gushing out steadily.

"What did you do?" I questioned concernedly, frowning up at him. It was no use as his lolled from side to side, barely managing to stay conscious.

Oh gosh. What am I going to do? I don't have stitches, I don't even have yarn! Not that that would be a sanitary option.

Okay, Casey, you got this. Your dad still has that first aid kit in the cupboard above the fridge, right?

"Don't mo—" I paused and cut myself short, realizing that he couldn't move either way.

can work full hours. I quickly wiped down the blood that was in the front foyer and took a quick peek behind the door. The snow had pretty much covered the trail by now, it was simply covering our tracks, how convenient.

"Jeremy? I need you to wake up, we're going to your place, " I declared, grabbing my heaviest jacket. I was about to exchange it for the sweater that I was wearing when my eyes caught sight of the long sleeved shirt Jeremy was wearing.

"Karma, please pay me back for this, because he sure won't, " I muttered as I brought my winter coat over to Jeremy. I helped him put it on and I grabbed my one other sweater to put over top of the one I was already wearing. I grabbed my one pair of mittens and gave one to Jeremy while wearing the other one. I found my dads toque and threw it on his head while I grabbed a dusty old fuzzy hat that I wore when I was seven that read, Unicorns do exist!

I wrapped the one scarf I owned around my neck and stepped into my winter boots. The worn sneakers he wore looked painful, but I needed these winter boots. Even though they were at least three sizes too big, I needed them. I didn't know what I could do for him. An idea popped into my head as I sat him down on the bench in the foyer. I grabbed two pairs of socks and took off his shoes, putting the socks on. I put his shoes back on and I put the hand with the mitten around his waist as I helped him up. He limped while resting a large amount of his weight on me as we walked.

I opened the door and welcomed the cold, simply praying that I wouldn't end up with pneumonia.

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