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   Chapter 14 4 Get Well Soon!

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Updated: 2018-07-23 05:09

I arrived at school the next morning, cold and sick. Jeremy was at his locker with James, Chris, and Liam. My nose was kind of running so I found myself sniffling quite often. It funny to think that I was terrified of these guys a few days ago, and now I'm just casually walking over to them. I wore a warm coat to help shake off this cold, but it wasn't doing much.

"Hey Cas—" Liam stopped mid-sentence as he took in my admittedly dishevelled appearance. "What happened?"

I looked over at Jeremy and grinned slightly. "I was walking home last night and caught this cold, " I told them truthfully.

"You were walking in that deadly storm?" James asked incredulously, eyeing me with concern.

"Yup." I offered them a smile as I spoke. "Oh, and Jeremy, here." I handed him a card I'd bought on the way to school this morning that read, Get well soon!

As I handed it to him, he cracked the tiniest of smiles. I wanted to call him on it, considering I'd never seen him really smile (unless he was beating someone into a locker of course), but I refrained.

"You look like you need it more than I do, " Jeremy joked, handing it back to me.

"Keep it, " I told him as the rest of the boys gave us confused looks. "See you guys later then."

I walked away sniffling and sneezing, tissues falling out of every pocket. I found Macy at my locker and I could practically see the questions pouring out of her. "What did he say? Where does he live? Is he alright?" She flooded me with questions and I smiled at her.

"One at a time, please?" The bell rang just as I said it and I feigned an apologetic look. "Sorry, gotta go!"

She squinted at me, but nevertheless turned in the other direction to head to class. I smiled and walked to French. Jeremy was already there, sitting in the spot he stole from Carter. I looked at my new seat in the front with disdain, but sat anyway. I threw out a round of tissues before class started and made sure to refill my stock.

Carter was

ee me.

I saw Liam stomping down the hallway angrily, moving his legs quickly. I assumed Jeremy had gone the other way so once Liam was out of sight, I turned around the corner and started walking, still somewhat shaken.

I hit something hard, not remembering a wall being there. Because I was so unable to process the information I'd received, my legs gave out from under me and I tumbled towards the floor. My butt hit the hard ground first, followed by my palms. I groaned and looked up, trying not to gape as Jeremy and I locked eyes.

"Hi, " I said tentatively, getting up and wiping off my palms.

"Wanna skip with me?" The question surprised me and I frowned confusedly.

"Like, skip class?" I inquired, not able to comprehend the simplest of things at the moment.

"Duh, " he replied sarcastically, rolling his eyes, clearly getting fed up.

"Um, no thanks. I'm pretty sick and I have biology..." I trailed off, hoping he got the point.

"So you'd rather walk in late?" He smirked at me. I sucked in a breath and contemplated it for a moment. Ms Sutherland would probably be nice about it since I'm hardly ever late, but I was feeling anxious just thinking about it.

"Okay, but only because I can't handle social pressure." I smiled as he started to walk away. I guess that's my queue to follow.

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