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   Chapter 13 3. Maybe I Will

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I couldn't watch for half— well, the entire time. It was just so gruesome to watch. The blood dripped onto their tile floor and I took the liberty of cleaning it up. Once she had finished and Jeremy was sitting unconscious in the chair, Macy pulled me aside with a curious expression.

"What the hell happened?" She demanded, looking over at the boy in her dining room.

"I think a dog bit him, " I told her, following her gaze, watching as the brown haired boy's chest rose and fell.

"Casey, that's not a dog bite. That looks more like an untreated gash created by some sharp metallic object, " she told me, her brown eyes holding worry amongst their depths. "There were also remnants of previous stitches in his leg."

My brows creased with confusing and I eyed Jeremy's sleeping figure warily. "So what happened exactly?" Macy inquired. I told her the true story with all the details I could remember and she nodded occasionally.

Jeremy stirred and we rushed to his side eagerly, desperate for some answers. "Jeremy? How do you feel?" I asked, running a comforting hand up and down his arm. He adjusted himself upright as he came to and eyed us with a grimace.

"Fine, " he replied, using the table to stand.

"Stop it, you'll tear my stitching!" Macy exclaimed, sounding horrified. Jeremy glared at her as he proceeded to take a step on his uninjured leg. He tried to take another step, but his leg buckled out from under him. I rushed to his side, barely catching him in time. Jeremy said nothing as I helped him up.

"I gotta take him somewhere Macy, who knows what your parents would do if they found him here, " I said, helping Jeremy to the door. He groaned, drifting in and out of consciousness as I practically dragged him.

"Are you sure you'll be alright?" She sighed, watching me struggle. I opened the door and eyed the snowstorm warily.

"Maybe a jacket?" I suggested

mes is, " Jeremy huffed, glaring at his leg with disdain.

"James is gay?"


I frowned and creased my eyebrows. "I didn't know that, " I stated, looking up at Jeremy.

"Obviously, " he repeated, this time glaring at me instead of his leg. There was a moment of silence before I decided to ask some more questions.

"What'd you do to your leg?" I inquired curiously, eyeing it with concern. I shivered and hugged the coat tighter to my body. The thin shed walls did hardly anything to shield us from the blazing winter outside.

"What are we? Buddies now?" He mocked me, rolled his pant leg back down.

"Sorry, I just—" he cut me off with a laugh.

"You just what? Thought that because your friend fixed me up that we're friends now?" He sneered, narrowing his eyes at me.

"S-Sorry, " I stuttered, partly from the cold, partly from nervousness. "I should get going, it's late. I hope you get better soon, " I said with a small smile, staying positive and kind.

"Get me a fucking card then, " he snapped, his green eyes piercing my thick skin.

"Maybe I will, " I replied with a smirk as I opened the door and shut it behind me. It was a blizzard out here, but I had to get home. I trekked through the storm, desperate to get home.

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