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   Chapter 12 Crazy Dog

Crestfallen By Natasha Larson Characters: 5659

Updated: 2018-06-04 19:04

I shut my eyes as it came at me and I waited for the pain of its teeth digging into my forearm, but it never came. I heard a whimpering and I opened my eyes hesitantly and tilted my head curiously as I saw none other than Jeremy holding the end of the chain. I stood up shakily and watched as the dog growled at him.

"Sit." He demanded, but the dog didn't budge. "What type of fucking owners don't train their dogs to sit?"

I resisted the urge to laugh, especially because I was still partly (alright, entirely) terrified. Jeremy glared at the dog and questions arose in my mind, but now was definitely not the time to ask. As the dog and Jeremy circled and walked up to the fence hesitantly. The dogs head snapped towards me and it growled lowly.

"Hey, eyes on me, pal." He barked ironically. The dogs head whipped back towards him and Jeremy tugged the chain forward, causing the dog to trip over its own feet. I felt bad for the dog, but it did just try to attack me...

Jeremy quickly dragged it across the yard while it was down and tied the chain around a post in the fence. The dog jumped up and Jeremy jogged around it. I slowly climbed over the fence, still facing the aftershocks of the fear. I've always been terrified of dogs, this just reinforced it.

"Are you alright?" Jeremy asked me. Overall, what surprised me the most, was the he was the one to save me.

"Never mind me, what about you? Are you alright?" I questioned looking around for any injuries. I found a tear in his jeans and blood seeping through the gash. "Oh my gosh, Jeremy, you're bleeding!"


"Well then." Was all he said. He looked down at the wound and looked back up at me, his eyelids s

rought them back to her, but she held up a hand. "Can you cut it for me?"

I nodded and grabbed his pants hesitantly. I looked up and found Jeremy unconscious. I took a deep breath and began cutting his pant leg around the wounded area. Once the patch of material was off, we both gasped.

"That's not a dog bite." Macy stated, covering her mouth. "That's a five year olds stitching job and an infected gash."

The stitches over the deep wound were haphazard and random, and they seemed to barely be holding it together in the first place. It was coloured green around the edges. Well, where it wasn't covered in blood. I fought the urge to throw up, but I choked it down and Macy took a moment to get started. She took a small bottle of alcohol and dabbed it on the wound to disinfect it.

Jeremy awoke instantly and howled in pain. I cringed and Macy just continued to swab the cut. She then grabbed some stitching string from her parents medical box and grabbed a stitching needle. She looked at it uncertainly and I smiled at her sadly.

"You've got this." She looked at me for reassurance and then began her work.

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