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   Chapter 10 Even My Penis Is Bigger Than His

Crestfallen By Natasha Larson Characters: 5832

Updated: 2018-06-04 19:02

Cover creds to @crazygirrrl

When I got to French class, Jeremy was sitting in Carter's old spot and Carter was sitting in mine. I sighed and took my new seat in the front row. I faintly noticed Jeremy eyeing me with something that mimicked concern, but I ignored it.

The teacher started class and I felt a burning gaze on the back of my head, but I felt oddly afraid of who I'd find.

I accidentally dozed off at some point because I found it incredibly hard to keep my eyes open.

Whether Mme. Breault didn't see me sleeping in the front row, or didn't bother to wake me, she'd left me to sleep even after the bell rang. Someone put their hand on my shoulder and I jolted back to life.

"Look, uh- you alright?" Jeremy asked awkwardly, removing his hand from my shoulder and rubbing his neck. I coughed, not knowing how to react.

"Yeah, I'm great, what would make you think otherwise?" I questioned, looking around at the empty classroom. I let out a yawn and struggled to cover my mouth.

"Well, the bags under your eyes, sleeping in class, I just assumed..." He trailed off. Was he trying to be nice? My mind couldn't comprehend the fact that Jeremy was asking me how I was doing. Maybe he thought he was the reason I was like this, maybe he felt guilty, the

"I was at a party." The lie slipped through my lips before I could stop it. I don't even know why I lied, but I just sighed.

"Oh." He said. "Well don't go doing stupid shit, I was starting to think you were different."

My eyebrows creased and I tilt my head confusedly. "So you've never gone to a party? What's wrong with wanting to hav- where are you going." He started talking to me, if you could even call it that, a week ago, he doesn't even know me. What th

l, we better get going then, we're already 10 minutes late." He told me, walking around me, looking back to see if I was coming. I skipped to catch up with him and walked by his side.

We walked in silence and broke apart somewhat awkwardly at the change rooms. I got changed alone and entered the gym. There was already a game of basketball happening, and that's honestly the one sport I can't do. Not only because I can't stand it, but I can't physically get the ball in the hoop. Maybe I just don't like it because I can't do it.

I darted under the bleachers only to find a couple making out, groping each other. I shivered and hopped back out. "Hall, get over here." The teacher called me over. Liam had the ball and at the mention of my name, he visibly messed up his footwork, tripping over his own feet. Chris laughed at him while Liam frowned and got back up. I smiled as I crossed the gym to get to the teacher.

"You're on the red team." She threw me a jersey. I looked over at Chris and Liam, they sported red jerseys. I smiled, at least I get to be with the goofballs.


Wow two updates on this book in less than 24 hours? Hell yeah

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