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   Chapter 9 Shady Bar Dives and Guys

Crestfallen By Natasha Larson Characters: 5718

Updated: 2018-06-04 19:02

No one came after me, after all, who would've thought to check the garbage bin behind the ice cream shop?

I walked home even though it was a bit of a walk, but I didn't mind, I needed time to myself. So, about the milkshake and fries thing, what the heck is this bacon and chocolate thing? The milkshake and fries was understandable, but the devil has taken for, in food. I guess I can't judge before I try it, but just... Why?

When I arrived home, my father was no where to be found and it was 5:30PM. I checked his room, my room, even the basement, but he wasn't in the house. I opened the back door to check out sorry excuse for a back yard, but no success. I bursted out the front door in panic, looking down each side. The car was still in the driveway so he couldn't have gone far, right?

I dialled his number on my phone and he didn't pick up.

I would've called someone, but the only person who I could call was Macy and I'm sure she's busy with other things at the moment. I ran down the street, wondering if the track helped with running, or if all the running helped with track.

I checked my flip phone and found it to be already 6:15 and my legs were killing me. 45 minutes of running isn't easy, not even for me, not even if I have good motivation. I took a seat in a diner and sat for a moment. Or so I thought. I accidentally fell asleep and woke up at 12:30AM. I had no idea if dad was home or not, but I was still worried. How could I have fallen asleep?

I called my dad again, but he still didn't pick up.

Finally I found myself in the downtown area and a thought struck my mind. I ran down the street and entered the bar, ignoring the lustful gazes of old men around me. I spo

been holding, and released the tension in my shoulders. I put the bat down softly and headed to my room. I halfheartedly brushed my teeth before falling into bed, drifting into sleep almost instantly.

When my alarm went off, it was 8:00AM and my dad was still asleep. There were bags under my eyes, but we couldn't afford concealer so I couldn't cover it up. I skipped breakfast, got dressed, and headed to school. The walk was painful because my legs were sore from my early morning jog...

When I arrived at school at 8:45AM, Macy met up with me in the hallway.

"Hey Casey! Was-" she cut herself off when she saw my dishevelled appearance. I hadn't put much effort in today. "What happened?"

"I couldn't sleep." I said. I didn't lie, I just bent the truth. Macy shrugged, not asking anymore questions, making it so much easier for me. She just skipped alongside me, talking animatedly about something I couldn't hear because I nearly fell asleep as I walked.


Poor Casey, but at least I finally got an update in! I'm as tired as Casey rn cuz it's late and I gotta wake up early and I woke up early this morning lmao

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