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   Chapter 7 Not Too Much Fun

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Updated: 2018-06-04 19:00

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Casey's POV

Macy's mom dropped us off at school, but not without some not so subtle questioning looks through the rear view mirror.

"Have fun girls, but not too much fun!" Jennifer shouted out of her car. Macy cringed at her mother's deliberate attempt to embarrass her.

Liam and Chris were waiting along the side of the school for me. "Caseyyyyy!" They both cried, getting my attention.

"I'll meet you in class?" I suggested to Macy, tightening my hand around my backpack strap.

"Go get 'em tiger." She teased, skipping into school. I approached the boys and looked at the curiously.


"We were wondering if you wanted to hang out." Liam asked me, looking away from me almost shyly.

"Um, sure? When and where?" I questioned, crossing my arms comfortably over my chest.

"Really, you just had to do that?" Chris asked, looking away from me just like Liam had.

"Do wha-" I looked down and immediately put my arms down, oops. "Sorry, you were saying?"

"The shack, after school?" Chris suggested, shrugging as he said it.

"Yeah, sure. Can I bring Macy?"

"Your friend? Sure." Liam answered me, before turning around and leaving. Oki-doki then.

Chris just shrugged and followed Liam to wherever he was headed. I walked into the school and put my stuff in my locker, chatting aimlessly with Macy. Suddenly, Macy's eyes darted to something behind me and I turned around confusedly. My blue eyes met someone's broad chest and I looked up quickly.

"Here." Jeremy said curtly, sticking out his hand, holding a pencil between his fingers.

"Oh, thanks." I replied sheepishly, smiling a bit. I took the pencil from his hand and he turned around swiftly, his head bobbing above the rest of the students.

"OMG!" Macy exclaimed excitedly, bouncing on the balks of her feet as she spun me around.

"Dear God, did you just say that out loud? I

n front of the class, the place he hated. He needed the middle where he could see and not be the centre of attention. "Carter, you can have my seat."

"No, it's o-"

"Please." I continued, knowing that he really didn't want to sit in the front. Even if he'd have to sit near Jeremy, it was better than the front.

"Okay, thank you." Carter smiled a little bit, his stark white teeth a huge contrast to his dark skin tone. I grabbed my things and ignored Jeremy's angry gaze as I took my seat at the front. I hated the front too, but I figured I could handle it better than Carter could. I had forgotten that there was a whole class of people watching, their thought made me flush. Soon enough, after the initial shock went away, Mme. Breault started teaching again and I swear that I could feel the heat of his gaze on the back of my head.


Wow sorry for the slow update, but you can thank @NerdyNommies for this chapter! So I had to re-read the book because I forgot what happened, yay! I have an oral presentation, three projects, and exams to study for this week so I probably won't be updating, idk yet.

Hope this chapter was semi decent, have you guys noticed that ALL my girl characters are 5'8"? Hmm... Oops.

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