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   Chapter 6 Teletubbies

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Casey's POV

Thank god I brought my winter jacket. It's November 12th and I am freezing my butt off in Canada.

I know running around in the middle of the snow was a dumb idea, but I really needed to get away and run. My jeans were surprisingly warm and I hadn't noticed how cold it was until I had stopped.

I've been sitting on this curb and since I don't own a phone, I really wasn't in the position to do anything useful. I got up and started to walk in the direction I thought I came from. The sun was coming up and I figured it was at least seven o'clock. I've been out here for two freezing hours. I am the dumbest person alive, I know, but soon I'll be the dumbest person of the dead.


I jumped and turned around. In a cute little Nissan was James, grinning at me. I didn't care whether he was honking at me to ask if I needed a ride, I just ran onto the road and opened the passenger door. The hat that I'd grabbed was sitting loosely on my head and it had conveniently started snowing.

"S-Sorry about y-your s-seats." I stuttered due to the cold. I was absolutely frozen. I turned up the heat without asking and slowly my shivers subsided.

"What are you doing out here at six in the morning?" He asked me, turning down the radio. I guess it wasn't two hours, only one.

"Running." I confessed sheepishly. He looked at me disbelievingly. "It wasn't as cold yesterday when I ran home." I defended.

"What are you doing over here at six in the morning?" I questioned as he drove off.

"Well, I was going home." He told me. I looked at him confusedly, wondering where he could've come from at such an hour. "Party." He said, reading my mind. Now it was his turn to look sheepish.

"Okay, well, where is here, exactly?"


"The rich kid neighbourhood?" I verified, wondering how I could've possibly made my way all the

idn't hurt anymore. I swear, it was the night of my life. Although the next morning the space between my legs was a little sore, but it was totally worth it."

"Wow, good for you Macy!" I congratulated. "And you're not like attached to him or anything?"

"Nope. At least I don't think so, why would I be?" She looked at my confused. The sun shined through her window and blinded me for a moment. For a second I started trying to grab the sun and Macy just started to laugh.

"Um, because he was your first? Like, did it mean anything to you?" I questioned, laying down on her bed. She laid down beside me and stared up at the ceiling.

"Meh, not really." She said with a shrug. "Oh, it's seven, I gotta get ready for school. You can watch TV or something."

She got up and went to her bathroom while I turned on the TV in her room. The channel that it was on played as the Teletubbies them song played. One question that I'd have to ask Macy was: Why the hell was she watching Teletubbies?

I guess I'll ask her after I finish watching this week's episode!

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This chapter was kinda boring because it was a filler chapter, but whatever.

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