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   Chapter 4 No Logic

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In my opinion.

When he takes his shirt off, you see how attractive he really is :P

Casey's POV

The teacher decided that we'd play dodgeball and I suppose that's better than an actual sport. Liam and James were on my team, but Chris and Jeremy were on the other team.

Unfortunately, the two of them had decided to team up on me because they're jerks who have nothing better to do with their lives. Yes, I'm very salty.

I ducked as I ball went whizzing over my head. One by one, our team started to go down until there was only Liam, James, and me. Someone called my name and I looked over in that direction. It was Chris who was smirking as he pointed to right. I looked over and surely there was a ball hurling towards my face. I didn't react fast enough to duck, but I covered my face instead.

No logic, I know.

When nothing hit me, I removed my hands and looked down at a smiling Liam. He had the ball in his hands and he was laying on the ground. Wow, epic movie scene right there. Since he'd caught the ball, that meant Jeremy had to go out. Yeah, he was not happy about that at all. He glared at me -not Liam- and walked off to the side.

They still had about half their team left and they were all throwing balls like madmen. I've never performed so much physical activity in my life. I'd thanked Liam as he got up. He claimed he'd have a bruise on his hip, but it'd be identical to the one he got when he fell from heaven. Cheesy, I know.

I'd rolled my eyes and kept playing, hence my current position. I was standing against the wall, dodging balls because Chris and I were the only ones left on each team. All the balls were on his side so I really had no choice.

I had somehow successfully dodged his throws so far, and he only had one more. He stepped forward and hurled the ball at my stomach. For some reason, my feet were glued in place and I started panicking. What if I can't have children because I get hit so hard!

Okay, not possible, but you never know.

I clutched my stomach and closed my eyes just as the ball came in contact with it and the gym went dead silent. I slowly opened my eyes and found the ball tucked safely underneath my arms against my stomach. I pulled it out from between my arms and held it in my hand and eyed it curiously.

"Good game." A velvety voice said from directly in front of me. I would've jumped back, but I was against the wall already. I looked up and came face to face with a smiling Chris.

"Thanks, you too!" I said happily. I couldn't believe that I'd won, let alone caught ball.

I heard some hooted and hollering to my right. I looked over just in time to see James and Liam at my sides. Before I could so much as speak, they put their hands under my butt - which didn't go unnoticed by me, and lifted me up. Instinctively, I put my arms across t

heir shoulders for support.

I was more than a little skeptical about all of this. I mean, I've spoken to these guys once and it was at lunch today. Plus, half of it was indirect.

Either way, I didn't mind being carried like royalty to the girl's change room. What I did mind, was the glares that I was receiving from Tiffany.

They put me down and I turned to face them. "That was completely unnecessary, but thanks anyway."

"Trust me, it was our pleasure." Liam said with a smirk. James slapped him on the back of the head and Liam let out an 'Oof'. "Hey, what was that for?" James just shook his head and walked away. Liam shrugged before throwing a flirty wink my way.

Okay, so that just happened. What's next, flying pigs and aliens?

I changed back into my clothes, but as soon as I left the change room, Tiffany was surely waiting for me.

"What do you think you're doing?" She snapped, scaring me half to death. I eyed her fearfully.

"E-Exiting the change room." I stuttered nervously. I don't know what it is about her, but she's just so intimidating. Maybe it's her heels, her make up, maybe even her good looks. Either way, I was scared crapless.

"Y-You know what I m-meant." She mocked me, glaring daggers my way.

"N-No, I really d-don't." I tried to keep the stutter out of my voice, but it was no use. I was trembling and I was literally quaking in the boots that I was wearing.

"Stop trying to steal my popularity." Tiffany accused angrily, flipping her red hair over her shoulder with one of her manicured hands. I think she saw the confusion on my face because she explained. "Whatever you just did, don't do it again, kapiche?"

"Uh, sure." I replied confusedly. "

"Good." She said with a plastic smile as she turned around and strutted away, shaking her butt more than necessary for my innocent eyes.

What a day.


"Mace, you're coming over, I have so much to tell you, it's not even funny." I said, getting on our bus.

"Um, how about we go to my place?" She suggested, eyeing my warily.

"Oh, right, sure." I replied with a small smile. I'd almost forgot that my dad was basically mentally unstable. For a moment, I forgot that my mother had left us for a younger man. 'More money, bigger house, bigger package', is what she'd said when she left. Macy wasn't afraid of my dad per say, she just wasn't as comfortable as she used to be.

"So are you gonna tell me what happened, or what?" Macy asked teasingly, taking a seat beside me. We lived fairly close together so we could take the same bus, it was nice.

"You bet your butt I am." I said with a grin. I turned to face her and began telling her the deeds of the day.

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These boys will be the death of me, especially since I already know why they're hanging out with her. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Question of the chapter: What's your natural hair colour? - Golden blonde.

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