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   Chapter 2 Beefy Hands

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Casey's POV

"You did all that, in 108 minutes?" Macy asked me incredulously.

"It's a talent, I know." I replied. I'd just finished explaining the events of the previous events to my best friend here, and this is the reply she gives me.

"Okay, just... Breathe. Yeah, breathe." She said, taking deep breaths for herself. I think this is stressing her out more than me. Since we worked in pairs for biology, Mme. Sutherland had allowed us to pick our partners for our senior year. It was a tradition of hers.

"Ah, fuck." Macy exclaimed suddenly. I turned to face her and saw her using two fingers to peel her eyelid off of her eyeball.

"Oh, God, what are you doing?" I questioned, turning my head away from her and putting my hand on the side of my head so that I couldn't see her.

"I'm trying to get this damn eyelash out of my eye. It's been bothering me since P.E this morning." She stated irritatedly. "You remember last year, when we learned that eyelashes were the body's adaptation to protect your eyes?"

"Yeah." I replied, looking back at her to find her furiously blinking her eyes.

"Well I can't remember the last time I got something other than an eyelash in my eye. What a great defence mechanism." Macy said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

"It's sad because it's true." I agreed, smiling at her pain. Sadistic, I know. Mme. Sutherland began teaching while Macy and I engaged in a frivolous conversation. The class flew by and lunch came faster than I'd anticipated.

"I'll meet you at our lockers, I just gotta get my pencil back." I told her once I remembered that he hadn't given my pencil back at the end of French class and I knew I'd forget by tomorrow.

"You're actually going to go?" She asked, clearly astounded. Her eyes had even widened a fraction.

"Yup." I said, popping the 'p'. I waved goodbye and she watched me nervously. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a tad nervous too. Actually, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't super nervous.

I wandered the halls and made my way through the hundreds of students until I finally saw a faintly familiar blob of brown hair. Who am I kidding. That fohawk wasn't a blob, it sat on his head so perfectly that it was impossible to deny it.

As I reached him, I realized that he was in a circle with his friends. Fabulous.

I took a deep breath and pushed my way through two of the skyscrapers who were clearly over six feet tall. My height of 5'8" was pathetic compared to theirs. The people I'd pushed aside were Liam and Chris. The only other people in the circle were James and Jeremy.

They'd all stopped their conversations to look down at me expectantly. "P-Pencil." Was all I sputtered. Queue the face palm. The boys all started laughing in sync and it creeped me out. "I'm cringey, we've established that, pencil please." I said with a surprising amount of confidence. The boys finished off their chuckles and watched me.

"I lost it." He said with a certain nonchalance that ticked me off.

"You... Lost it?" I repeated, staring up at him blankly.

He nodded and said, "Are you deaf too?"

I ignored his comment and addressed the issue at hand. I was no longer afraid, I was just pissed. "How could you lose it, it's been

one fricking class since I gave it to you!" I exclaimed, thankfully not attracting a crowd. What? Did he lose it in between some girl's boobs as he was screwing them in the janitor's closet?

"I'm aware." He said, watching me with his green eyes that I no longer found oh so attractive.

"Next time I see you with a pencil, I'm ripping it out of your beefy hands!" I cried angrily, stomping my foot.

"Aww, she's cute. Can we keep her?" The guy to my left spoke. I realized that it was Liam. His features were quite similar to mine except he was as pale as a sheet. His golden blonde hair matched mine though, same with his blue eyes though they were a bit lighter than mine.

"I'm not a possession." I nearly growled, glowering up at him.

"Of course you're not." The other boy to my right said, wrapping his arm around me. This boy was Chris. His hair was shaggy and platinum blonde, he reminded me of a surfer dude. His brown eyes reminded me too much of Macy for me to be interested though.

The only boy who hadn't said anything yet, was James. He was usually the quiet one of the group. He was still outgoing, just not as outgoing as the rest of the gang. Of course, they all played on the football team and just to make everything even more cliché, Jeremy is the quarterback.

I grabbed one of Chris' fingers and lifted it a little. "How much do you value your arm?" I questioned aloud. This question caused him to remove his arm faster than I could say 'move biotch'. Their attention was giving me a confidence boost and I was liking it.

"Yeah, we can definitely keep her." James finally spoke from across the circ- square, I guess.

"Well, I look forward to collecting that pencil, Jeremy." And with that, I turned on my heel and left, feeling like a goddess. I met Macy at my locker and spilled all the information before I even sat down.

I had a 'salad sandwich' for lunch again today. At least that's what my dad called it. It was lettuce and mayonnaise on multi-grain bread. It's an acquired taste, but you get used to it.

We never had much money, but dad got demoted because when mother left he just couldn't handle much. She left four months ago for another man. I didn't have time to be sad about it because I had to comfort dad. I didn't mind her not being here, it was better than knowing that she was cheating. At least she had the balls to leave.

I think dad is getting better, but I'm not sure. He's seeing a shrink, but I don't know how much that'll do for him.

Macy and I fell naturally into a random conversation about how to eat pizza. Apparently she eats it from the crust to the tip and I almost slapped her.

Granted, I take the cheese off my pizza so if I slapped her, she'd slap me back.

------ 1175 WORDS -----

That was a reference to the Hooded Figure if you've read it :P

I like writing this so far, but I'm gonna go to bed because it's 12:44am. I probably can't update until Wednesday because I'm grounded from all internet until then. The reason for that is because I was drinking with my friend when my mom wasn't home. It was stupid, I know, but I'll live. (I'm 14 btw)

Question of the chapter: Tell me one thing you regret. - Drinking with my friend.

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