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The woman took me through the building, down familiar and unfamiliar hallways alike. We were going up several flights of stairs when we were blocked by a squad of soldiers in black armour. The girl with icy eyes turned and threw me a gun while she started shooting the people ahead of us. They'd already had their guns at the ready and the moment she started shooting, they retaliated. She'd hit three out of the five before getting a bullet through the head. Time froze for a moment as she went still before falling to the ground, lifeless. I fumbled with my gun before firing two bullets.

One of them flew through the first guys's head while the second skimmed the others's neck. They both fell to the ground and I assumed he was dead. I tiptoed over then and continued up the steps. I was about to turn a corner and up the next flight when a loud bang stopped me. I froze and it took me a moment to register the explosive pain. I fell to the concrete floor, but held my eyelids open and shot at the man who'd survived the shot to the neck. The bullet pierced his skull and he fell alongside his battalion. I tried to stand, but fell back down with a grunt. I pressed my hand to the wound in my upper thigh. I took off the jacket that I was wearing and ripped the sleeve off. I tied it around my leg tightly in order to prevent as much blood loss as I could.

I stood on my left leg and wobbled up the stairs. I decided not to stray from the path I'd been set on and continued up the countless flights of stairs. I felt the blood trickling down my leg and soaking through my pants. I could feel the bullet moving inside my leg and I paused after four more flights of stairs. I took a deep breath and made a fist with my hand.

from my leg and let go of the controls once more to take off my pants entirely while occasionally pulling the helicopter back upwards. The world still seemed to be spinning, but I was trying desperately to hold on. Once my pants were off and the plane was level, I tried my best to inspect the damage. I let go for what seemed to be the hundredth time and retied my sleeve around my leg.

Once it was tight enough, I wrapped the gauze around the wound, wincing as it touched the open bullet hole. I finished and grabbed the stick with both hands, not removing them anymore. I was still feeling a bit woozy, but I figured I'd be alright with this gauze on.

Okay, maybe that's a lie, but I'd rather be positive right now than tell myself I was going to die.

I looked at my coordinates and found myself not too far from the border of Canada. The institute seemed to be situated somewhere off the coast of Portland, Oregon. It would take a few hours to get to Vancouver in this helicopter, but there seemed to be enough gas to get me there so with a hopeful mindset, I sat back and relaxed as best I could while navigating through the clear skies.

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