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   Chapter 26 26 Zealous

The Partnership By Natasha Larson Characters: 6215

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I was frozen in place as I thought back to the men I'd recently taken down. Did they work for the institute? Were they spies?

No, they clearly weren't trained.

Maybe they were just locals? Maybe they weren't taking you there?

Just as I thought it, I ducked into the bushes as I heard groaning and mumbling coming from the path. The men were holding various parts of their bodies as they named their way down the path towards the place I loathed.

So much for that hopeful guess.

I tried to avoid stepping on twigs as I tiptoed forward but as the entire forest floor was covered with them, it was a little difficult. There was some rustling in the bushes, courtesy of me, but the men didn't seem to take notice. They were too busy complaining about their injuries.

I followed them nearly to the gate without being caught and I watched one of the men slide a key card through the security pad. The metal wire fence opened and they stepped through. It closed behind them and I examined the area. There were men patrolling the grounds inside and a few lined the fence. I looked at the fence that stood about twenty feet away from me and for some reason, there was no guard at this particular point.

I frowned just as I heard a twig snap from behind me. I went to turn around, only to be hit in the head by the back of a gun. I fell to the ground, cringing at the sound it had made when the gun came in contact with my skull.

My head hit the ground and I tried to get up, but my arms collapsed underneath me as my eyes shut on their own accord. I guess I wasn't the one rustling the bushes after all.


I felt the pain in the side of my head before I opened my eyes. I brought my hand up my scalp and massaged it tenderly as I felt a bump already forming. I peeked my eyes open before jolting upwards, crawling backwards until my back hi

hard." I glared at her. "Fine, fine. Hmm, I'd say about 72 hours?"

I gaped while she laughed evilly as if my misery was the one thing that brought her joy - which it probably was. She threw her head back in laughter and I continued burning holes in the side of her head with my furious gaze. Just then, as if someone had answered my prayers, a young woman appeared.

She was beautiful, taut features, long nose, thin lips, black hair, the whole deal. Her eyes were also the iciest blue I'd ever seen and they drew my attention immediately. Miranda, the witch in front of me, hadn't noticed her in her fit of laughter. The woman grabbed her by her dull brown hair and smashed her face against the bars. I smiled when I heard a sickening crack before frowning at my own sadism.

The woman unlocked the door with a key card and started to run down the hall. I stood there, unsure of what to do. When she realized I wasn't following her, she came back, her pink slippers not making the slightest sound.

"Well? Are you just going to stand there, or are we gonna get out of this bitch?" With that, my feet began to move on their own accord and before I knew it, I was following this model down the familiar corridors at running speed.

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