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   Chapter 25 25 Youthful

The Partnership By Natasha Larson Characters: 5463

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We all stood in a line in front of our well-dressed visitors. This was our graduation ceremony of sorts and I'd turned 16 yesterday. One of the nicer workers slid me a flattened cupcake under the door, but I was more than thankful. It was kind of gross, I'll admit, but I appreciated the gesture.

A lady in all pink, stood and hit her glass with her knife, making an annoying, high-pitched sound which caught everyone's attention.

"Welcome, our esteemed guests, to an evening of demonstration and celebration. After ten years of extensive training, we believe these students to be the best of the best. They've fought long and hard to get where they are today. We have some footage from training days though I must warn you, it gets quite graphic so if you find yourself feeling squeamish, it's probably be best to look away from the screen. Thank you, enjoy!" The woman sat back down as the lights dimmed. People clapped lightly and a video began to play on the wall behind us. A man in all black shuffled us off stage and behind the curtain.

"Come, come, " he said, pushing us forward, herding us like cattle. I managed to break away from the crowd without getting caught and made my way back to the side of the stage, behind the curtains. Here, I had a clear view of the stage and the video that was being displayed.

At first, it was just us sparring in our gym area, but then it switched to our shooting practice. We were assembling and disassembling firearms as quickly and efficiently as we were capable. The screen went black for a moment before returning to another scene. It was the mirror room and I was in the middle

Once each of them had lead in their legs, I picked up two more guns, dropping the one I had. I tucked one into the back of my pants and held the other in my hand. The men cried out and I decided to go towards the place that they were taking me. I ran into the jungle and stayed close enough to the path that I could see it, but far enough that I could hide and not be caught or seen.

The tree line was thick and it was hard to get through all the forestry without a knife, but I was making steady ground. I figured that if they'd found Grayson, that's where they would've taken him too. There was nothing and no one for quite a long time, but once my eyes landed on the grey facility up ahead, I froze, memories that haunted my sleep came flowing back in waves.

Guards patrolled the entrance and I felt my body paralyze. Why would they be taking me here? Unwanted memories came rushing to the surface as I continued trying desperately to suppress them.

The building in front of me wasn't just any building. It was the spy academy I was telling Grayson about.

It was my home.

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