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   Chapter 24 24 Xenial

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I got onto the ladder and Grayson followed. It was actually very difficult to climb a ladder mid-air and I was doing it very slowly.

"Hurry up, slow poke, " Grayson jabbed, hitting my foot with his hand.

"I'm going!" I cried, hesitantly reaching up and grabbing the next rung. I heard him scoff and then the entire ladder shook. I froze and clutched it tightly while Grayson appeared on the other side of the ladder and climbed quickly past me with a cocky smirk on his face. I frowned and glared as I waited. Once he was over me, he crawled back over to my side and continued climbing.

One by one, I climbed the rungs until I was at the top of the helicopter. We hadn't moved from above the boat for fear that I'd fall, which I probably would. Once I was at the last rung, Grayson offered me a hand. Of course, I took it, knowing that there was no other way I'd be able to get onto the helicopter.

Our hands locked and he pulled hard. My feet left the ladder just as the helicopter started moving. I flew up and right int Grayson's chest. He fell to the floor with me on top of him. "Sorry, " I said quickly as I sprung up and dusted myself off.

I lost my balance from getting up so fast in a moving aircraft and Grayson's arm encircled my waist. "Thanks, " I murmured as he lead me to a chair. He helped me sit and then took a seat across from me. I couldn't help but feel helpless as I buckled up. How embarrassing.

The man in the military outfit beside me handed me a fancy looking helmet. I put it on and the brutal winds from outside were silenced for the most part. I could hear the pilot talking to someone in front of the helicopter.

"How did you guys know where to find us?" I asked them curiously with a hint of suspicion.


on his own parachute. The man beside me jumped first while I fought to keep my balance. Everything grew loud and my ears felt like they were going to burst from the quickly changing pressure. Land came into view below us and Grayson grabbed my hand with his. I looked up at him and he was looking at me for some sort of reassurance.

I shrugged and he laughed before jumping out of the helicopter, releasing my hand in the process. My hand felt cold without his, but I ignored the strange feeling. I was about to jump when the back rotor flew off and almost ripped my head off. I dove back into the helicopter and hit my head on the roof. I grimaced and rubbed my neck as I looked around. Things were burning and smoke clouded my vision. It was now it never, I had to get out now. I jumped out of the side door that was now facing upwards and the helicopter flew away underneath me.

I began free falling and I looked for Grayson in the clouds. It became much easier to see as the cloud cover disappeared and the lighting was less frequent below. I spotted some of the crew in the air, but I couldn't tell which one was him.

All I could do was hope for the best.

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