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   Chapter 23 23 Wishful

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His lips moved against mine as I laid there frozen, unsure of what to do. His lips were soft and plaint against mine which was surprising considering all we'd drank for the past two days was whiskey. Part of me, the darker, less inhibited part of me, wanted to kiss him back and have really good last days alive sex, but the other, sane part of me, was screaming 'you have a boyfriend!'.

His hand was in my hair and it felt so good, his lips felt amazing against mine, but I couldn't do that to Tyler, even if there was a large chance that we wouldn't make it out of the Atlantic Ocean alive.

Though it took all the strength I had, I pulled away from him. His eyes opened and he looked at me with confusion.

"I'm sorry, I-uh, " I stuttered awkwardly, feeling a need to explain. "Tyler." Was all I managed to say. Grayson scoffed and rolled onto his back to face the sky.

"What?" I asked with a little bit of hurt lacing my voice. "I can't do that to him."

"Last time I checked, you guys weren't exactly on friendly terms, " he said sarcastically. My mouth opened a little as gaped at him.

"So? That doesn't mean I get a free pass to kiss other guys, " I explained as if it wasn't common knowledge. At that, Grayson snorted like it was funny.

"We're probably not going to make it back to civilization alive so we might as well, " he tried to place reason behind his actions.

"So this was just a final attempt to bang?" I asked, feeling hurt and glad I hadn't allowed him to kiss me for too long.

"No, it's just, " he searched for the right words to use, "I've been a dick to you because I was starting to like you. I figured that if I was rude to you, I wouldn't have to deal with my feelings."

It seemed logical and illogical at the same time, thinking that Grayson had feelings for me all this time and he was simply pushing me away?

"I know it wasn't right,


The man's nostrils flared as he ran at me once more. I expected a punch, but when his leg swung around, I took his bare foot to the face. I flew across the room and clutched my cheek. The man didn't let me get back up like I'd let him. He ran over to me and kicked me in the stomach. I hit the wall and cracked the glass, groaning in pain.

He tried to kick me again, but I blocked his foot and bounced up energetically. My ribs hurt and so did my face, but if I lost the pain would be much worse. I fake a punch, then gave him an undercut. I felt his spit on my face and I wiped it off disgustedly.

I was about to punch him again when I felt more saliva on my face. It kept coming until it was like a rain or water on my face.

"Stop it!" I exclaimed, wiping my face frantically.

I shot up, breathing hard as Grayson rolled his eyes at me. "It took you long enough." I noticed his wet hands.

"Why'd you throw water on me?" I asked him with a sharp tone. He then pointed to the sky where a helicopter was coming into sight.

"We're gonna live!" I cried happily, staying seated for the sake of not falling into the water. Grayson laughed at me as the helicopter descended towards us.

"Heck yeah, " I muttered, smiling to myself.

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