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   Chapter 22 22 Vile

The Partnership By Natasha Larson Characters: 5590

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"Do you hear that?" Grayson suddenly asked, perking up. I jolted upwards, looking around for a helicopter or some sort of rescue vehicle. "It's the sound of our inevitable deaths."

I glared at him before returning to my comfortable position between the two sitting rows. My head rested on the side of the boat, as well as my feet. I was soaking up the sun, tanning as best I could, considering it was the only thing I could do.

I sat like that for a few minutes before Grayson said: "Izzy, put your feet back inside the boat."

I looked over at him with a disbelieving look before closing me eyes and returning to my sunbathing.

"Izzy, I'm serious, " he repeated, sounding anxious. "There are sharks in the water!"

"Wow, you weren't kidding about the whole 'hardcore acting' thing, you're actually pretty good." I smiled to myself, not falling for his tricks. I felt the boat move a tip a little bit. To that, I opened my eyes, ready to glare at Grayson, but he hadn't moved from his position on the other side of the boat. Hesitantly, I brought my legs to my chest and looked at him worriedly. "Are you messing with me? Because if you are, you won't be dying of dehydration."

"Does it look like I'm kidding?" He asked rhetorically, looking around frantically.

"You didn't look like you were kidding when you tricked me into thinking that you heard a helicopter, " I pointed out, crossing my arms sassily.

"Fine, I'm not kidding, I swear I saw a shark, " he assured me, not that it was reassuring in any way.

"Well, were in the boat, we'll be fine, no need to think up the worst scenarios, " I told him although I was panicking a little bit. I tried t

Little Dipper, " I whispered proudly. I didn't know why I was whispering, it just felt right to whisper when you were so close in proximity to someone.

"I know, I found it too, I just used it as an excuse to look at you, " he admitted quietly. I was shocked, but I kept it to myself and tried to keep my facial features neutral. One of his curly brown locks fell onto his forehead so I reached up to his face and tucked it behind his ear. My hand froze as I realized what I was doing and unwelcomed butterflies erupted in my stomach. Grayson smiled while I quickly removed my hand and faced the sky once more.

"What about that one? What's that?" I pointed to another cluster of seemingly bright stars.

"That's just a cluster of stars, " he answered without looking up. I could tell because I hadn't felt his head move.

I snorted as I turned to face him. I quirked an eyebrow with a small smile on my face. "You didn't even look so how do you know? I could've just discovered an entirely new constellation and you didn't even—"

Before I could register what was happening, Grayson's lips were on mine.

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