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   Chapter 21 21 Unbeatable

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I fell asleep soon after that odd interaction with Grayson. My chest still hurt from the water is inhaled, as well as my ears from the pressure of the ocean. Oh, and we can forget that fact that I'm simply sore all over for holding onto Grayson with my legs and holding the raft with my arms. I feel like I've been stretched in all directions; which I have. My throat was sore and hoarse from all the coughing I did to expel the liquids in my lungs.

Basically, I was hurting.

I had a dreamless sleep which was somewhat surprising, but I wasn't complaining. When I woke up, Grayson was still sleeping to my surprise. Looks like today is a day full of surprises.

The sun was gleaming across the water, making it glisten with light. Though below that it was just darkness, after the soft surface came the relentless oblivion with all the dangerous creatures that roamed the dark.

I looked around for any glimpse of land and found none. I'd try to row us somewhere, but I didn't know which way to paddle. I didn't know if we were closer to America or Italy, if we were drifting towards either of the two places, or if we were floating up or down towards the poles.

Heck, I didn't know if we were moving at all.

Deciding it was worth a shot, I pulled my phone out of my zippered pocket and hoped for the best. It was drenched, but when I pressed the on button with as much hope as I could muster, it turned on.

"Yes!" I exclaimed excitedly as I did a fist pump. Grayson hardly stirred while I went to the compass app. There was no reception out here, obviously, but there was the compass. I pointed my phone in the direction we seemed to be heading and it pointed towards the west.

What's west again?

"Never eat soggy wieners, " I muttered under my breath before hoping that west meant America.

"What did you just say?" Grayson suddenly asked, causing me to jolt. The phone flew out of my hands but I managed to catch it mid-air. I let out a

through the Atlantic Ocean at a snail's pace.


"Test-tube baby, " I corrected. Grayson's eyes widened and his eyebrows rose with surprise.

"How does that work?" He asked curiously, bringing his eyes back to their normal size.

"I was trained to be a spy, not a scientist, " I reminded him with a laugh.

"Right, so..?" He pushed for me to continue.

"Well, I never went to school. Sure, they taught us basic Math, English, French, various other languages, but they focused mainly on weapons training and martial arts. I was raised with violence and gore. The thing is, they didn't think it was important to teach us the names of all the weapons so if we make it out of this and I yell 'throw me the T looking thing', I probably mean an Uzi."

"But, how did it work?" He was desperate to know more and I didn't want to disappoint him, but there wasn't much more to tell.

"Uh, I spent every day training and fighting until I was the best of the best, I guess..." I finished somewhat nervously, unsure of what to say or how he'd react.

"Huh, " was all he said for a moment. "Well, if we make it out of this, I'll teach you the names. So, I swear, if you yell 'throw me the T looking thing', I'll shoot you with the 'T looking thing'."

"Fair enough, " I replied with a smile.

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