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   Chapter 19 19 Stellar

The Partnership By Natasha Larson Characters: 6089

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"Fuck!" I covered my mouth with one hand before yelling at no one. I held the chair and found a safety raft in the compartment. I grabbed the nearest bottle of liquid and threw it in my front sweater pocket, as well as grabbing a bag of crispers that had fallen I'm beside my foot. I put it in my shirt, tucking it in my bra and hoping for the best. I used one hand to put on the parachute as quickly as I could and holding the raft, I jumped out the window.

I flipped multiple times before controlling my body. I looked around and my eyes quickly caught sight of Grayson falling limp towards the ocean. I moved into a dive position and began to fall towards him. It seemed like I was hardly moving, but soon enough, I was by him. I wrapped my legs around his hips and my arms under his.

"Please work, please work, " I muttered under my breath hopefully. With that, I pulled the string on my chute. The parachute flew out and I put my hand back onto Grayson, holding onto him for his dear life.

The ocean was rapidly getting closer, thankfully the waters were calm. I pulled out the raft that is tucked under the strap of my parachute and pulled a small plastic string. It began to inflate quickly and it hit me in the face. I grunted before throwing it out from between us. We travelled slower than it did and you could imagine my happiness when it landed on the ocean with a splash. I was only using my legs to hold Grayson to me now as I tried to maneuver the parachute so that we'd land on the raft.

My legs were weakening quickly and right now, I was thanking all the training I'd received. Without it, I'd never be able to hold Grayson like this.

When we were close enough, I dropped Grayson onto the raft where lay unconscious and hopefully not dead. I landed in the raft after him and quickly took off my

e were near the surface. At least, I thought so.

Suddenly, I was choking on water. The air that is been holding in had been released as my body fought for another breath of precious air. My eyes fluttered and my body jolted. My mouth remained slightly open as I took note of the sparkling surface that we neared. My hair flowed behind me in a smooth waterfall of blonde. My grip started to slip on both Grayson and the rope. My hands felt numb, as well as the rest of my body.

Then, it all went dark.

20 Chapters on this book? Tell me it isn't so! I honestly never thought I'd get this far with this book, but a promise is a promise. Once I finish this book and Crestfallen, it'll be onto Angelic Affairs and Daredevil. Ugh, I'm really not looking forward to either of those books. Or any of them for that matter. I've lost my writing vibes guys, it's so sad. Don't worry, I'll try my best to keep updating, but don't forget, after those three other books, it's How To Survive An Alien Invasion and THE HOODED FIGURE ON TRIAL! Which I am DEFINITELY not looking forward to. I only made the sequel because you guys wanted it so I hope it doesn't turn out as badly as this book is.

I got you guys, Nat ??

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