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   Chapter 18 18 Radical

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I'd fallen asleep at some point during the train ride, but somehow, Grayson managed to secure a private plane from Italy to Canada.

I felt someone's hands on my shoulders as they shook my awake and I caught my instincts just in time not to break someone's arm. That arm being Grayson's. I grumbled something incoherent even to me and rolled out of the plane groggily. I caught sight of him rolling his eyes, but didn't bother acknowledging it.

I made my way onto the bigger plane and the pilot welcomed me as I got on.

"Hi!" I replied enthusiastically and he tipped his hat to me. I smiled at him kindly before stepping inside the aircraft. I was feeling my energy returning and it made me happy. As I took my seat across from Grayson, he didn't notice my presence.

"Hey, " I said joyfully, crossing my legs professionally. Grayson didn't even look up, let alone shift his eyes from the paper he was reading. "How's life?"

At that, he looked up.

"How's life? Well, this moronic bitch just ruined the entire fucking operation because she couldn't spread her legs for one moment to salvage the mission, " he snapped rudely, causing me to gasp. Then, I squinted, forgetting what he'd said for a moment.

"Wait, I never told you why I killed her, how'd you know that?" I asked sceptically, narrowing my eyes. He didn't even flinch, he simply replied smoothly.

"It was a lucky guess, plus, it was kind of obvious. Everyone in the gang knew she wanted to shag you."

"So you would've had sex with someone for a mission?" I inquired, thinking that for some reason he hadn't. Who was I kidding? This was Grayson, of course he had. If anything, he took it as a bonus.

"Would have? I already have! It's for the sake of the country, I can get my hands dirty fo

engine, obviously." I narrowed my eyes at him, forgetting about our predicament. He got up and went to the cockpit. I unbuckled myself and followed him there. I struggled to stay up straight as the plane flew from side to side. I opened the door to the cockpit and found the pilot struggling to keep the plane upright.

"We've gotta jump!" Grayson exclaimed in a surprisingly calm tone. The pilot and I both looked at him as if he was insane to which he added, "Unless you can fly this thing, of course." The pilot shook his head and Grayson gave him a knowing look, waving at him to leave the cockpit.

We exited and opened the parachute holding space.

"Two parachutes? Are you serious!" I cried exasperatedly as the pilot grabbed one. He put it on hastily and smiled.

"See you in the ocean!" With that, he opened the door and jumped out. The air was sucked out and the plane started to nose dive. I grabbed onto the nearest chair and reached for Grayson. My fingers skimmed his and he flew towards the door, yelling, trying to grab onto anything, but there was nothing strong enough withhold the pressure.

Then, he was sucked out the door and into the blue oblivion.

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