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   Chapter 17 17 Quirky

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I began to tie a noose and wrap it around the balcony. Before you ask, no, it's not for me. I made sure the rope wasn't too long as I tied it to Delphine's neck where I'd suffocated her. I made sure to take my elastic off her wrist.

I then threw her over the edge and checked to make sure the rope hadn't snapped. It hadn't. However, Delphine's neck did snap. With a sickening crack might I add. I shut the balcony doors and grabbed my maid outfits along with the toothbrush I'd used. As far as I knew, Delphine hadn't told anyone I was staying with her. Then again, what did I know?

I scurried out of the room, concealed by the darkness of the night. I found my old cellar of a room and placed the outfits back in the closet as if they'd never left. I then made my way to Grayson's room. I almost turned a corner when I heard a voice.

"And the girl? Does she know?" A voice I recognized from the dinner table asked. I didn't know him by name, but I'd heard that voice before.

"No." I froze when I heard Grayson's voice. There was no more talking and I heard a pair of footsteps go the other way, followed by a door closing. I looked around to make sure I hadn't been seen and slithered around the corner. I knocked on Grayson's door and waited. He was probably just playing a part of his role.

He opened the door in a loose green t-shirt and loose black sweats. Someone's comfy. I stood there in my skimpy maids dress. "Lily?" He inquired, not breaking character but giving me a questioning look.

I did a sweep of the hallway before pushing him into the room, shutting the door behind me. I didn't realize his bed was right there so he tripped on it and I fell onto him. I felt warm where our skin met, but I brushed it off as quickly as it came.

"Could th

s a small plane built for two and I didn't think it'd be able to make it over the ocean, but Grayson assured me it would.

We got in and I prayed that I wouldn't die like this. Grayson started the engine and people in suits started running out from in the trees. I caught a glimpse of one of their faces and found it to be one of the men from the French cartel.

"This is what you get for killing the cartel leader, " Grayson commented, trying to make me feel worse than I already did.

He pulled a lever down and the plane started to roll forward. People started shooting at the plane, denting it. Don't hit the engine, don't hit the propellers.

As we built up speed, their shots started to be less and less effective, but we needed more time. I watched helplessly as they continued to fire shots. One of them hit my window and almost hit me, but the window stopped it. It was now cracked with a bullet in it and I hoped that I'd still be able to breathe once we were in the air...

Finally, the wheels lifted off the ground and we were soaring about their aimless shots. Once we were out of range, I cheered while Grayson glared ahead.

So much for a clean get away.

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