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   Chapter 16 16 Pretentious

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I am NOT trying to glamorize anything. Izzy is a trained assassin and she was born into this life, she knows how to fight.

Another maid threw a platter in my face —not literally— and shoved me out the door. I stumbled a little, but followed the other workers to what seemed to be the dining room.

There was a very long table with all the members sitting around it. I hadn't realized that it was around 7:00AM. Grayson was sitting in a chair along the side, far from Delphine. There was a humorous twinkle in his eyes as he admired my outfit. It took much effort to restrain myself from glaring at him.

I delivered the cinnamon buns around the table as I observed the gang members. Many of them had tattoos, but some of them looked like everyday citizens. As I dropped off a cinnamon bun at Delphine's plate, I felt her hand come into contact with my bare butt underneath my skirt. It was pretty much a slap, but she made sure to didn't make much noise. I squeaked and hurried away, not making eye contact with anyone.

I said nothing because something told me there wasn't a no harassment in the workplace rule. I caught Grayson eyeing me curiously but I brushed him off as I dropped off a bun at his plate.

I headed back to the kitchen, feeling exposed and somewhat violated. This skirt was way too short. Next time I'm taking the plus-sized one so that it covers everything accessible. I smiled at the other workers as I entered the kitchen and the girls I'd been playing with earlier waved at me. I put down my platter and found that there were none left so I waited for someone to assign me a task. Even though I was 'head maid', I had no idea what the heck I was doing.

We went back in about twenty minutes later and I made sure not to collect Delphine's plate. Here I was, practically cowering in the corner, while Grayson chatted up the gangsters. I understood every word he spoke as he made them all laugh with his charisma.

You know what? He probably just thought one day, you know what'd be cool? Bei

that, I slapped her right across the face. She moved back and stopped for a moment to clutch her cheek. She looked at me with wide eyes.

"Bitch!" She cried, coming at me with more force than before. Alright, I've had enough of this.

When she ran at me full force, I used her inertia to turn her around and throw her into the floor. I waited a moment for her to collect herself, being honourable, but she used her feet to swipe my legs out from under me. I caught myself before I fell and stayed upright.

She got up and ran at me once more. This time, she swung at my ribs and I didn't manage to block it. I grabbed my abdomen in pain, but continued to fight. There was a decorative line of gold rope along the bed so I grabbed it and twirled it. This time, she ran with a battle cry and I grunted as she used her shoulder to tackle me to the ground.

I quickly rolled us over twice so that I was still on the bottom but she was facing up. I wrapped the cord around her neck and held it tight. She reached for her throat, clawing to get free. When that didn't work, she reached for me and swiped my cheek. I hissed but kept my grip on the rope.

Then, she seized up, choking, before she went limp.

I rolled out from under her and looked over at her body, sighing as I took a moment to catch my breath.

Now, how do I clean this up?

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