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I was relieved to find myself alone in the bed when the alarm went off. I was still really uncomfortable with this whole situation. It took a lot to throw me off my game, and this certainly was a lot. I got up and changed into my maid outfit that was as I had predicted, way too short in way too many places.

I went to the bathroom to tie my hair into a ponytail with the one elastic I had on my wrist, but when I got there, there was a sticky note telling me to use the red toothbrush. I frowned and inspected it to see if it was used. However, it looked as if it'd never been used. I shrugged and squirted some toothpaste onto it, thoroughly brushing my teeth. I thought back to Tyler and the way we'd left things. I felt really bad about leaving but it's not like I had a choice. I didn't know why Grayson aggravated him so much either, it was like flicking a switch when we talked about him.

I sighed and rinsed my mouse, making my way through the castle to find the maids quarters. I managed to find the stairs and from there, I remembered where the kitchen was.

"Lily!" I heard someone call. I ignored it, forgetting that I had an alias. "Lily!" They called again. This time, the sleep that was slowing my brain wore off and I whipped around.

A girl in the same outfit as me came trotting down the stairs. She looked about sixteen years old and I tilted my head curiously. "Your name is Lily, right?" She questioned once she was directly in front of me.

"Yeah, sorry, I'm just a little tired, " I explained sheepishly, rubbing my neck awkwardly.

"Well there's no time for that! Delphine just named you head maid, you're in charge of all the cleaning we do, " she informed me calmly, while my eye

the cinnamon buns. He sprinkled cinnamon along the inside of the rolls along with a surprising amount of sugar. Then he rolled it into a cinnamon bun and added some more of both ingredients. I caught on quickly and soon enough I was nearly as quick as him.

I'd done about five when he said: "Stop. We have good amount." I finished the one I was making and he put them into the oven to cook.

"I am Antoine, " he introduced himself as he stuck out his hand for me to shake.

I shook his hand and replied, "I'm Lily."

It turns out, while they waited for the food to finish cooking, they played simple games in little groups. Some people went off to clean the main areas, but most of the mob members were still asleep so they couldn't clean their rooms.

There was a small group of girls around my age playing a game of what seemed to be French Stella Ella Ola. "Can I join?" I asked them politely. Some of them looked scared of me, but one of them smiled.

"Of course, " she replied. They widened the circle and let me play. The girls that seemed scared quickly warmed up to me and we were laughing by the time the food was ready.

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