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   Chapter 14 14 Naughty

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This pic makes me so sad ;-; ^^

We left Grayson at his snazzy room that looked like it was made for a king, and Max lead me to my room in the service quarters. It was basically the same as the cellar, but there was a bed and a closet filled with somewhat inappropriate maid outfits which I didn't really approve of. He shut the door behind me and I jumped at the noise.

I sighed and took a seat on the tough mattress that was somehow even more uncomfortable than it seemed. I left my pyjamas at the motel because bringing it wouldn't have fit with our story, but I was really missing my fuzzy pants right now. It was practically freezing and by the looks outside, it was nearly dark. There was a blanket, but it was more of a towel and I tried my best to snuggle into it, but it wasn't even long enough for my body. My pillow seemed to be made of rocks and I sighed heavily just as the door opened.

The unwelcome visitor shut it behind them swiftly. "Hmm, now this just won't do, now will it?" I recognized her voice as she spoke. She never gave us her name so I couldn't put a name to her voice. She came over to me and the little bit of sunlight I received lit up her face.

"Hi Lily, " she greeting with a surprisingly friendly smile.

"H-Hi, " I stuttered. Partly from being cold, partly from talking to her, knowing that she thought I was cute. I didn't want to offend her, but I just wasn't into girls, institute or no institute.

"Have you forgotten my name already?" She inquired with a pout on her face that looked somewhat odd. Her was was quite angular and... slim, if that was a trait you could give a face.

"You n-never gave it to me, " I shivered while I spoke, wrapping the towel around my body tighter as I sat up.

"Oh, silly moi. I'm Delphine, " she introduce, giving me her hand to shake. Her

ts and a spaghetti strapped tank top, silk or not. I sighed and thanked her politely, finding the ensuite bathroom and changing. You could see plenty of scars on my legs and arms, even my chest, from endless fights and battles. I could easily come up with a story that would cover these up, but I was oddly uncomfortable.

I tiptoed out of the bathroom and found Delphine lying in the bed. Where else was she going to sleep?

For a secret service agent, I can be incredibly absent-minded.

Instead of me having to awkwardly ask for permission, she patted the spot beside her. I creased my eyebrows worriedly, but sat under the covers anyway. "Can you set an alarm please?" I asked her quietly. She didn't ask about the scars and I released a breath I didn't even know I was holding.

"Sure." She smiled at me as she set her phone for 4:30AM.

"I'm sorry if it wakes you up too, " I apologized sheepishly.

"It's alright, I usually get up around then." I was feeling increasingly uncomfortable, but I needed the best and most intel I could get. If this was the most efficient way, so be it. She shut off the lights and I settled in as comfortably as I could. Eventually, I drifted off into a light slumber.

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