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   Chapter 13 13 Malicious

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I wasn't quite sure what'd it me on the back of the head, but the point is, something did. I'd say it was a rather blunt object, but that's better than something sharp I suppose.

After we'd crossed the bridge and into a somewhat shady alley, two men — or women, I didn't happen to see them as I being rendered unconscious, hit us in the back of the head.

I'm pretty much assuming all of this. I went down before Grayson, but he's laying beside me unconscious, so I'm assuming he was attacked too. I brushed myself up and stood up eyeing the plan grey room with disdain. It reminded me too much of the institute. My 'room' looked a lot like this, except there was a hay stack in the corner and some carvings on the wall from when my struggling artist side came out. I can't draw.

I examined Grayson, watching him carefully. I didn't stir once, he was too still. I crawled closer to him and took his pulse. He flinched and grabbed my wrist, prepared to snap it back. I shifted into a position where he couldn't break it, but didn't fight him otherwise. "Nice reflexes, " I commented somewhat suspiciously. If he'd been unconscious, how did he react so quickly?

"I wasn't actually unconscious. I woke up a while ago, I just wanted to get some shut eye until you woke up. Sleep is scarce in this business, " he stated honestly, rolling over and releasing my wrist.

"I'm surprised you still have a soul, " I added slyly as I got up and walked to the metal door. There were bars over the window and I tried to peak through.

"I'd sell it for some more sleep right about now." I laughed at that, looking back at him with a small smile. He shrugged and stood up, dusting the rocks off his tourist shirt.

"Hello?" I called out, checking to see if anyone was there. We couldn't break out, this was our mission. When no one seemed to be there, suddenly a young man popped up from behind the door. I jumped back in shock as he grinned at me. He'd lost several teeth so it was more like a dental venture gone horribly wrong.

He started to chuckle lo

ly. It seemed that Grayson had no reply so he said nothing. "I assume you have names?"

"Derek, and she's Lily, " Grayson answered for me.

"Hmm, " she seemed to be judging them. "Very Canadian."

Again, there was a moment of silence. I took this time to acknowledge her many-inch heels. She was probably about 5'6", but her shoes made her about 6'0".

I'd be lying if I said it wasn't partly terrifying.

"Alright, I'll give you a chance, but only because you're cute, " she said with a sly smile.

"Uh, well thank yo—" she cut him off with a wave of her hand.

"I was talking about her." My head snapped up so fast that I felt my neck crack as my eyes met hers. They struck me instantaneously and I was frozen to the spot. Grayson's jaw was unhinged; you might've even said he was jaw-dropped.

"Um, thank you, I don't know what to say, " I stuttered awkwardly. I was feeling extremely uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, I'd never considered women as potential options, probably because the institute was against same-sex relationships. I thought about it for a moment before she spoke again.

"But one, just one mess up from either of you, I'll send you to your end. Now go, before I change my mind. Max will lead you to your rooms." With that, we shuffled out, partly baffled. The French man, Max, began walking with us following behind, puzzled.

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