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   Chapter 10 10 Jealous

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I followed Ivan to his office, trying to remain unaffected by Tyler's sudden change in demeanour. We walked in silence until we got to his office. He held the door open for me and I thanked him as I sat down. He then took a seat opposite for me and rested his arms on his desk.

"I'm going to assume Grayson didn't tell you anything, " I nodded, "so I'll start from the beginning. It's a medium-term job, but it's only surveillance unless there needs to be an intervention. You'll be flying to Paris tomorrow to keep an eye on the gangs. I owe someone a favour over there and now they're cashing it in. You and Grayson are going undercover as a couple. You don't have to act as a couple, as I'm aware you have a boyfriend, but you should keep up the image in case anyone gets suspicious."

"Tomorrow?" I asked, my eyes widening. Ivan nodded.

"Some frenchies have been causing some trouble, that's all." He said nonchalantly, standing up from his chair. "You and Grayson will depart from the private air base tomorrow at 9:00AM, alright?"

"Okay, I'll get packing then." I replied, standing up and nodded a goodbye. I left the office and looked back in the training room for Tyler to tell him about the mission. He wasn't there so I pulled out my phone and called him. It went to voicemail and I sighed, deciding to leave a message incase I couldn't find him.

"I'm going on a mission to Paris tomorrow for however long, I just wanted to say goodbye..." I trailed off, not knowing what to say before hanging up.

I made my way to his apartment and knocked on the door. I sighed I'm content when I heard footsteps on the other side o

w we're going to France, but you don't need to smell like the catacombs there." Grayson commented rudely.

"I wouldn't have to if you'd woken-" I cut myself short when I realized it was my fault for not setting my alarm. Sure it would've been nice for him to wake me up, but who was I kidding.

Ivan just shot me a disapproving glance before giving directions to the pilot. We boarded and covered the final details of our mission. Tyler still hadn't called me or spoken to me and I felt somewhat hurt, but I tried desperately to burns it off as if it were nothing. If he could ignore me so easily, why couldn't I?

Grayson and I sat on the farthest opposing corners on the plane to avoid any and all contact with each other. If I was going to have to live with this turd, I was going to get in as much 'me' time as I could before I had to deal with him for who knows how long.

I put on my head phones and looked out the window, watching as the world below us disappeared under the white clouds.


I promised a chapter, y'all got a chapter.

I got y'all, lots of love, :

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