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   Chapter 8 8 Hilarious

The Partnership By Natasha Larson Characters: 6136

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This was my final test, the one that decided whether I would be kept here for further training, or sent out into the real world to be used as a lethal weapon.

There were holograms everywhere, making it nearly impossible to find my target. I moved through the room as casually as I could, all the while absorbing my environment. I noticed a pregnant woman, someone with an odd bulge on their left calf, and one man who kept looking at me funnily.

Three suspects.

I walked-

Someone shook me awake and I yawned awkwardly. "What?" I asked as my vision came into focus.

"Ivan is sending us on a mission." Grayson's somewhat familiar voice said blankly. My ears perked up at that.

"Oh, what kind?" I asked excitedly, sitting up. He walked into the kitchen and I followed him like a lost puppy.

"Since I'm the best spy in the agency and your assumedly mediocre-" I cut him off, raising an eyebrow.

"Mediocre?" Grayson ignored me and pulled out a bag of chips from the pantry. "Those are mine."

"-he's assigning us to the Italian mob case." He finished.

"Didn't you just do something with the Russian mob?" I questioned, wondering why he was assigning us to such a big case. The Italian mob has been relatively quiet, why is he assigning us now?

"Weren't you apart of the welcome committee?" He commented with a small smirk on his lips. I frowned at his remark.

"When do we start?" I asked him, ignoring his previous statement.

"Three days from now." Grayson replied, eating my chips. I scowled and tried to grab the chips from his hand, but he grabbed my wrist and threw me over his shoulder and onto the hard tile.

"What the hell?" I wheezed, catching up breath. I got up gingerly, grabbing the counter for support. Grayson ignored me and walked back to his room. "Those are my chips!" And I'll be damned

nest, I had no idea if my guess was correct.

Grayson scoffed and glared at me from underneath his dark lashes. "I could go anywhere I wanted and have any girl drop their panties for me without even opening my mouth, what makes you think you're different."

I could just lie and tell him that I'm not wearing panties...

No. Then I'd be giving into his game. Plus, I have a boyfriend.

"Because my panties are still around my hips, now aren't they?" I relied smartly, wearing a smug expression.

A teasing look was in his green eyes as he said, "They don't have to be."

"Actually I like them where they are, so when you're ready to have a civil conversation with me, I'll be waiting." I declared, getting up, walking past him, still questioning his bipolar tendencies, and strode into my room. Closing the door behind me, I slid down against the wood and took a deep breath.


I didn't like how slow shit was coming so I sped things up, enjoy. Anyway, I like Grayson being bipolar, it makes thing... More interesting. This chapter is for you @queenmyalove because you asked for it, so here it is lol

Okay maybe I rushed it because tmrw is my bday and I'm low key forgot so

Happy Saturday peeps

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