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   Chapter 7 7 Graciously

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It was like I had pressed pause on my life, then pressed fast forward to this moment. I found this outing to be quite awkward because of that.

I forgot that Tyler always took a late lunch so it was no surprise when--

"Izzy?" A voice asked from behind us. I turned around and found myself face to neck with Ty.

"Oh, hey! Tyler, this is Grayson. Grays-" I paused mid-sentence. "Oh, it seems you two already know each other..?"

Grayson look impassive, but Tyler looked furious. For what reason, I had no idea. "Um... Do you want to join us?" I asked awkwardly, trying to ease the tension.

"Yes, I'd love to." Tyler replied, never taking his eyes off Grayson.

"Awesome!" I exclaimed happily, grabbing both their arms and dragging them to a table. "I'm going to go buy some Edo Japan, try not to tear each other apart while I'm gone." I joked, but they both ignored me.

"Wow! Is that really Chris Hemsworth walking through the mall?" No reaction. "Dang, he's so hot." Nothing.

"I'd let him spread his butter on my toast."

Still nothing.


I rolled my eyes and went to Edo Japan. "Kids meal, double chicken and noodles, no mushrooms please."

"Ten dollars please." The cashier said, holding out her hand. I fished out a ten dollar bill and handed it to her. I was practically drooling as they made it in front of me.

"How many scoops?" I held up one finger, indicating that I only wanted one. "Enjoy." The chef said, handing me the box of food.

I all but skipped back to my seat, only to find Grayson and Tyler in a seemingly heated argument.

"Leave her alone, I know what you are." Tyler threatened, poking Grayson's chest

"It's not like I want to be here. Plus, you're no better." Grayson snapped, poking


"What are you doing here?" Tyler barked angrily, narrowing his eyes.

"Um, I live here?"

"Since when?"

"Since yesterday, now move, hoe."

"Did you just call me a hoe?"

I couldn't help myself, I bursted out laughing, rolling over, thankfully placing my food on the table nearby. I heard Tyler growl just before he stormed out of the apartment. Once I finished laughing, I frowned at his abrupt departure.

"Well someone's a sour puss..." I stated, sitting up. Grayson just shook his head with a chuckle-like sound and headed to his room.

Well then.

I continued watching TV and eating my food until I fell asleep on the couch because I'm a lazy turd and that's what I wanted to do. I wondered where Tyler had gone, but I figured he needed time to cool off from whatever just happened today. I was so lost in my thoughts that I'd forgotten about the nightmares that awaited me.


So this chapter is ass, but I've been procrastinating writing it.

Good thing that happened today? - I was recommended by my science teacher for an extensive science program with nineteen other grade nine students out of one hundred and twenty.

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