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   Chapter 6 6 Fergalicious

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Updated: 2018-06-04 18:53

"You wanna play a game?" I asked Grayson as he entered the kitchen. I was still deciding what to make.


"Great! Let's play." I said enthusiastically, taking his arm and leading him to the pantry.

"Did you not-" I cut him off with the wave of my hand.

"Okay, here are the rules. We're going to make vegetable soup, here's the list of ingredients. Go into the pantry, fridge, or wherever. You find the ingredient and make a pun with it somehow, got it? Good." I explained. "Whoever gets the most ingredients wins. Unless one of us makes a great pun, it's debatable."

"You're going down." Grayson surprised me by saying.

"Three, two-" Grayson had already started moving. I checked the list I'd left on the counter, but not before glaring at his back. I took a mental snapshot of the paper and sprinted for the fridge.

"Ew, these aren't very ap-pea-ling." Grayson started, holding up a can of peas. I chuckled as he put the can down on the counter.

"I can practically hear the sarcasm leek-ing from your words." I mused, putting the leeks on my side of the counter.

"Don't even broth-er trying to beat me." Grayson jabbed, slamming the can onto the table. Since the recipe required two cans, I grabbed another one.

"I Campbell-ieve you think you can win." I smirked at him, but he ran to the pantry.

"You carrot be serious." Grayson spoke, holding a bag of carrots in his hand.

"You're puns are quite pickle-ier." I tried awkwardly.

"Did you just try to use pickle in peculiar?" He asked me disbelievingly. I nodded, a hint of a smile on my face.

"I'll have to keep an eye on you." He stated, holding up a bag of potatoes. I narrowed my eyes at him and sprinted to the cupboard.

"What a shame, your puny puns have so m

lared, dropping his spoon back into the soup. The sour taste was still resting on my tastebuds. This soup was revolting. It was probably the leeks. Or the onions. Or the pickles. Or the broth. Or the pot. Or the bowl.

Okay, I have no idea.

"Eat out?" I asked him, but Grayson hesitated.

"I'm not that hungry." He said simply, pushing the bowl away. "This mess of yours has spoiled my appetite."

"You already look like your starving yourself, as if I'm not going to make you eat." I called him out, standing up and taking the bowls to the sink. He was still shaking his head when I left so I figured he needed further encouragement. "Grayson whatever your last name is, I'll drag you by the ear if I have to."

"Okay, okay. Jeez." Grayson accepted, getting up. "No need to PMS on me."

I turned around and told him. "If you thought that was me PMSing, you're in for one heck of a surprise."

Grayson put his hands up in surrender. "Now, let's go." I said, leading him out the door, internally crying along with my wallet.


I'm writing this on the airplane, yay.

What's your battery percentage? - 43%

Anyone figure out the chapter code?

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